What Goes Into Making a Massage Relaxing?

When somebody decides they’re going to eschew all their obligations and take a personal day to relax, one of the most popular methods is taking in a spa day. And one of the most relaxing parts of the spa experience is getting a massage. But besides the actual talent of the masseuse, what makes these so relaxing? 

Photo courtesy of Escarpment Retreat on Flickr
Photo courtesy of Escarpment Retreat on Flickr

The answer lies in the comfort products a masseuse uses to put you at ease. Their goal is to create a suspended experience where the only things you’re aware of are your muscles and joints being worked and calmed. 

A basic massage table’s most important feature is its comfort layer, which needs to be a balance of support to hold a body in alignment, along with softness that allows an individual to spend an extended period of time in the same position while being worked on. Some high-end tables are built with this balance, while other tables can receive the addition of a comfort layer to soften harder surfaces. 

Pillows are the other important factor in massage comfort, and that has fostered the creation of one of the most unique pillows on the market. The iconic massage pillow features a center cutout that allows people to rest on their stomachs without twisting and turning their necks, as well as making it easy to breathe. Without these comfort products, something as simple as a massage wouldn’t be nearly as effective.

Article submitted by The Foam Factory, an online source for comfort products, great for massage, such as body wedges, face pillows, and table pads.

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  1. My massage therapist has a really nice place fixed up in her basement. I think she helps out at the Ocean's Away Spa because I think she started her practice there. I think a gift certificate to have a massage done is an excellent idea for birthdays and/or any event where a gift is given. I am always telling family members that's what I want for Christmas or birthdays. If you want her contact info, I can text it to you.

  2. teadrinker  Is it the local Oceans Away Spa Kathy? I want to get Danielle a gift certificate to go there for an hour for her birthday!

  3. krclegg  Oh wow Kathleen, I am so sorry to hear that! I would have definitely filed a formal complaint with the company – that is so unacceptable! I hope you do decide to try again (someplace else!) and have a much better experience. I adore going for massages!

  4. I love getting a massage! I go to a licensed Physical Massage Therapist. I have been getting one of these great massages once a month for many years. It helps me to relax & helps take away the pain I have in my lower back & hip areas. I have recommended her to almost everyone I have talked to!

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