Google Tweaks the Blogger Template HTML Editor

I am one of those individuals who completely and totally FREAKED yesterday when I went into my HTML editor to change a bit of code and found that Blogger had been screwing with the layout once again.

Okay, yes, for programmers and hard-core web designers – this might be a good thing. For someone like me however, self-taught and used to being able to find things in a certain format and sequence? A complete and total nightmare!

Is it user-friendly? According to the folks at MyBloggerLab this is a good thing. It is more user-friendly (when you understand what the hell all the goobly-gop means I suppose) and for web developers who build new themes and templates for their clients or a tech-savvy blog owner (which I thought I was) who desires to customize their templates by tweaking the HTML, CSS or JavaScript coding – this is good news.

Personally, all I know is this:

  • It screwed up my coding for the summarized posts – so now the entire post is showing on the home page with the […more…] being at the end of the post;
  • I can’t find the …more…. code snippet in the new editor to fix it thankyouverymuch;
  • I hate the way it looks;
  • I hate that I can’t find the format I am accustomed to seeing;
  • I hate that there isn’t an option for us to use the old format;
  • Did I mention how much I HATE IT?
Seems I’m not alone either. Quite a few of my Blogger blog designing friends are in tears about this change as well. Blogger needs to step up and take charge of this situation – those of us who are not familiar with coding set out in this manner need the old format back so we can make changes to our blogs. WE DON’T CARE IF IT TAKES A COUPLE HOURS TO CHANGE SOMETHING. It’s what we LIKE, it’s what we are ACCUSTOMED TO, and it’s WHAT WE WANT BACK.
In the meantime, I’m going to go nurse the raging headache that these changes have given me and start trolling for an alternate site to host my blog.
Yeah, Blogger. I’m THAT pissed off.

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