Great Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Great Baby Shower Gift IdeasBaby showers are a fun way to welcome a newborn into the world! There are tons of gifts out there for you to look at, and sometimes all the options can be a little overwhelming. You want to make sure your gift choice is interesting, pragmatic, and not copied by everyone else at the shower. Here are some great baby shower gift ideas that are both practical and adorable.

Cute Tees

One thing a baby will definitely need is clothing and lots of it. Though clothes will likely be a common baby gift, there’s no reason you can’t get creative with them! Choose a standout tee that will be expressive and unique. At lil threadz, there are tons of adorable onesies, themed for you to choose from that will make your baby gift one-of-a-kind. You can choose the t-shirt that best fits the baby’s current size, or you can get a size that is a little larger so that he or she can grow into it (and babies grow fast).

A “Gyroscopic” Bowl

While geometric lingo might be a little unexpected to see in an article on baby shower gift ideas, bear with us because it’s actually quite simple. Gyroscopic bowls are perfect because they are spill-proof. The bowl sits on an axis that will remain undisturbed by the movement of the bowl itself. As babies get a little older and are able to sit up and eat, a gyroscopic bowl will hold Cheerios, fresh fruit, or any other snack food without spilling everywhere—something the new parents will be sure to thank you for!

Changing Mat

Diaper changes will be an endless routine for new parents, so changing mats should never come in short supply. Select a changing mat that is easy to carry and rolls up tight for simple storage. Taking a baby out of the house requires a diaper bag and many, many other various pieces of equipment and bags. New parents may feel weighted down by all the stuff that they are trucking around, so giving them a changing mat that won’t add too much to their burden will be a lifesaver.

Smartphone Holder that Attaches Onto the Stroller

These nifty, super convenient gadgets are on the market now, as smartphones become such an important part of our daily lives. Almost everyone has a smart phone and knows the struggle of trying to manage a phone along with a million other things. Many companies are making stroller smartphone holders to revolutionize the way that new parents use their technology and baby at the same time. It frees up parents’ hands while also keeping their phone within easy reach in case of emergency.

Milestone Markers and other Memory-Keepers

A sentimental baby shower gift idea, is to get the new parents into scrapbooking, or “mile marking.” As the baby grows up, time might seem as though it’s going too fast. By giving parents craft supplies, they’ll be able to mark the important milestones and events in their child’s life so that they don’t miss a single moment. It will make a beautiful gift to look back on throughout the years.

Protectors for Electrical Outlets

Baby proofing is vital for a child in order to maintain their safety and security. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes easy to forget steps in the baby proofing process and electrical outlets are a source of danger for children who are curious (i.e. all of them). Protectors for outlets cover the plug with plastic or are orchestrated in a way that will prevent the child from easily accessing them. This pragmatic baby shower gift is sure to become a very important household fixture.

You can mix and match these gift ideas—combine a tee-shirt with another one of the items on the list! These baby shower gifts will be sure to make a splash at the party, and are both thoughtful and useful for new parents who are going through such an exciting phase of their lives.

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  1. Thank you for ideas. I always look for something different and unique when going to any shower. It seems that most folks go the easy way out and buy diapers and/or wipes. While those are always appreciated and much needed I like to be unique and buy things others won't think of.

  2. There are special frames to keep you baby birth certificate in I like to give them as baby shower gifts

  3. These are some really cute ideas. The pic of the little cookie feet made me want to check out this post. They are so adorable! I think the idea of a stroller smartphone holders is brilliant. I know I would have loved to have one!

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