Great Gifts for Wine Lovers

For those with an affinity for wine, there are many great gifts available that can turn even the most casual connoisseur into a bona fide aficionado. The following are just a few gift ideas for the wine lover in everyone’s life. These items can be useful (think 12 bottle wine racks), while also imbuing one’s home with a sense of unparalleled beauty.

Great Gifts for Wine Lovers

Wine Glasses

Buying the right wine glasses are hugely important for every wine aficionado’s collection. Despite what popular opinion dictates, price is not so important when selecting wine glasses. What’s more important are the physical qualities of the glass itself. The following is what one should look for when purchasing wine glasses:

  • Unique Shapes for Whites and Reds – Most people prefer to serve red wine in larger glasses, while white wine is better served in glasses with smaller bowls. This is because white is generally served cool, and the smaller construction can help keep wine at the optimum temperature. Conversely, red wine needs a larger bowl to facilitate aeration.
  • Steer Clear of Colored Glass – Wine glasses should be completely clear. Because a large part of the tasting process involves seeing the color of the wine, colored glasses can actually inhibit this visual inspection, which may dampen the overall tasting experience. In general, wine glasses should be clear to allow the natural beauty and characteristics of the wine to show through.
  • Construction is Key – a wine glass is made up of the rim, the bowl, and finally the stem and foot. In general, the rim should be fluted to allow for maximum aromatic dispersal, while the bowl should be generously sized for red wines, and just a bit smaller for whites. The stem should be sturdy enough to facilitate proper handling, which is crucial for keeping wine at the right temperature.

Wine Decanter

A decanter is a great buy for the wine enthusiast who takes the act of tasting very seriously. Decanters allow for better aeration of a wine, which is crucial to getting the full impact of the flavor when tasting. As oxygen is introduced to the wine the aroma intensifies, allowing for a more satisfying experience overall. The same effect can be achieved by swirling a glass of wine around before tasting, but decanters offer a bit of style and showmanship to the aeration process.

Wine Racks

Wine racks can be a great addition to anyone’s home decor. For the serious collector, wine racks are a must-have item for keeping bottles safe, while also showing off one’s collection in the most stylish way possible. Wine racks can come in smaller sizes, such as those suited to counter tops, as well as larger sizes comprised of many shelves and units. Wine racks can be constructed from materials such as wood, or they can be made from steel and metal for a more modern look.

The above items are just a few of the many great gifts suited to a wine lover’s lifestyle. Just like great wine itself, these items can range from highly extravagant to reasonably priced, making them ideal for everyone with a taste for wine, no matter the budget.

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