Guest Post: Finding Sports Gear for Less

With the crazy amounts of snow, sleet, ice, and freezing rain that has bombarded the United States this year – I know that, like me, you are dreaming of warmer temperatures and getting you and your brood out of the house. Time to break the cabin fever for good (for a few months anyway) and enjoy the sunshine!

Today’s guest post is from our friends at Frugaa, and they are going to get you out of those four walls you are trapped in, get you out, get your kids active, and give you a chance to save money and have a moment of peace and quiet to yourself! Enjoy my dear readers!

Sports Gear for Less from Frugaa

If you’re another parent trapped in a house full of testosterone, chances are that some of your kids are thinking about joining a sports team.

When your kid joins the local flag football team or his school’s basketball team that means two things. One, you’ll have peace and quiet at home (until it’s time for game day). And two, chances are you’ll need to buy the equipment for your kid to be able to participate.

Now, you could be lucky and be part of a co-op or school that provides the equipment for you. But not everyone is and having children involved in sports may require investing in uniforms, helmets, and or whatever else may be required.

Shopping for the Gear

Some schools or youth teams may require that you purchase the equipment directly through them. If so, you’ve still got wiggle room. Try to get in touch with your child’s coach or team manager. If you’re low income, some teams or schools may allow you to participate in a voucher program or offer you discounts on equipment. And remember, you’ll usually need to buy uniforms through the source itself, although some teams may be willing to provide jerseys and so on for free.

But otherwise, you may just have the option to purchase sports equipment from other venues. This is typically the best option for a lot of families. While many schools and sports teams can and often do purchase their equipment wholesale, it’s very easy to be faced with dramatic mark-ups when purchasing sports equipment and uniforms directly through them.

If you have the go-ahead to purchase equipment from other venues, perfect. We’ll assume that’s the case for the rest of this post.

Shopping Online

While physical stores can offer great deals, sometimes your best bet is to go online. By going online, finding the best deals and comparing different stores is about as easy as a couple of clicks.

Two of our favorite sites for finding great deals on sporting gear and equipment are City Sports ( and Champs Sports ( With City Sports, we’ve been able to find great deals on equipment and gear from leading sporting good brands. And while Champs Sports doesn’t sell sporting equipment, they are a great source when it comes to finding special clothing or shoes, which is often a huge aspect of playing sports like basketball.

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Shopping online allows you to easily find coupons and exclusive promotions. One of the easiest ways we’ve found to get connected with literally hundreds of promotions and coupons are coupon websites such as Frugaa. Site is neatly organized; you can search through categories – Sporting Goods. Always visit a coupon website first before you start browsing an online retailer. Using a coupon code and taking advantage of special offers can help you save big on the equipment and clothing your kids need to become virtual sports stars.

Getting Ahead

By planning ahead and taking advantage of retailer promotions, you can save big on sporting equipment. So make sure that you’re able to buy equipment away from other vendors, as opposed to your child’s school or co-op, and you’ll be good to go.

Take a moment and visit Frugaa on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ if you need to find sports gear for less!

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