Happy Earth Day 2013!

I am thrilled to be celebrating yet another Earth Day with my family and friends. I’m one of those moms that worries about the world that we are leaving for our children, and the problems that they will inherit from our generation and have to attempt to fix from our lack of understanding and comprehension.
So much damage has been done to our planet over the years and our ozone layer, that it worries me what the future might hold for our children and our grandchildren. So I have been doing my best to lower my family’s carbon footprint where possible and to teach them about recycling and sustainable living.
Funny how, back when I was growing up, “sustainable living” was simply known as “living off the land.” You made use of whatever you grew or could make from the resources available to you from Mother Nature.  So to help do my part to educate the masses, I’m here to offer you somekick ass tips and ideas for Earth Day 2013.

  1. If you truly want to be cool, you’ll head on over to CoolPeopleCare.org and get you an awesome t-shirt to wear or a poster to hang in your home.
  2. Download this interactive storybook entitled “The Four Seasons” from the Google Play Store for your children.
  3. Check out 12 Simple Things You Can Do to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and continue the thread with 15 More Things You Can Do.
  4. Check out this Pinterest board for your DIY Cleaners and Household Stuff that is earth-friendly
  5. Apartment Therapy also has some great DIY green cleaning recipes to share with you!
  6. Get your recycling groove on with the iRecycle App from Google Play and find out where your closest recycling center is located, what they accept and do not accept and a bunch of other great useful information!
  7. Want to find out which major companies are green? Check out the Newsweek Green Rankings of the top 500 Companies from 2012 with a Green Ranking here.
And last but not least – my apologies for not getting this posted yesterday on Earth Day!

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