Happy Legal Assistant’s Day!

I want to give a hearty “Happy Legal Assistant’s Day” shout-out to all of my fellow legal assistants and paralegals around the world!

Trust me, fellow commoners, when you have a legal case that an attorney is handling – do not thank the attorney – thank the legal assistant / paralegal who is working on your case. They are the ones who do all the research, all the filing, all the document preparation. The attorney is merely the mouthpiece that gets up in court and spouts off the brilliance that the legal assistants and paralegals put together for them! (being a former personal injury legal assistant for over seventeen years – I know from which I speak!)

So be sure to give them your utmost gratitude for a job well done. They are extremely overworked and underpaid! My hat is off to all of you around the world – and I hope that your collective attorneys and law firms treated you well today! You deserve it!

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