Happy Sister Day

Sister and Best Friend - Happy Sister Day - Life in a House of Testosterone

I remember the day my mother told me that she was pregnant with my sister as though it were yesterday. I prayed and prayed SO HARD for a little sister, waiting with bated breath for the day when mom got the ultrasound to tell her if it was a boy or a girl. The minute I found out I was going to have a baby sister, I was over the moon with joy. So today, I celebrate Sister Day in honor of my baby sister, Danielle.

Over the years, we’ve had our differences, times when we were pissed off at each other and didn’t talk, but no matter what – sisters are sisters and we always gravitate back to each other because not only are we sisters, we are friends.

The relationship between sisters is dynamic, its unique. It is like a diamond, facets that glimmer and shine at every angle, brilliance and shadows, but no matter which way you turn it, you see the beauty. That is how I look at my sister. A million different facets of brilliance and shadows that combined make a beautiful diamond.

I love you, Issie.

Danielle & Kim - Sisters and Friends

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