Has Your Dog Devastated Your Garden? Then Read This

Most dog owners know the problems that their pooch can cause in the garden. It may a be that they are digging up plants, causing issues with the grass or causing chaos making the flower beds their beds? However, there is still hope of reclaiming your outside space from the clutches of your dog. Just read on to find out how.

They Are Digging Up Plants

Keen gardeners will know that come planting time, dogs are certainly not man’s best friend. In fact, they can be their worst enemies, especially if they are digging up the plants as fast as you can put them in. It is not their fault, of course, they just see it as a game, but it can make keeping your garden well maintain a nightmare, to say the least.

Has Your Dog Devastated Your Garden - Digging Up Plants

To prevent this why not use humane and safe deterrents. You can buy physical ones and even get them in spray form. Then you know you can safely let Fido out without supervision, and your plants will still be safe!

Your Grass is Patchy and Brown

Patchy, dry, brown grass is a regular problem for dog owners, and it is caused by them using the lawn as a toilet facility. This can be a tough problem to deal with because getting grass to grow back takes a lot of effort including aerating the ground, sowing seeds, and lots of watering, as well as protecting from the dog doing his business while it is repairing.

Has Your Dog Devastated Your Garden - Dog Waste Can Devastate Your Lawn

However, there is a much more low maintenance choice, and that is to use fake grass instead. The thing with fake grass is that it’s always green, and it can easily be hosed down when the dog has been to the toilet. Something that makes it a much more hygienic option as well. Check out this interesting article on fake dog grass for some more information on the types available and why it makes the perfect option for dog owners. Remember too that fake grass isn’t that hard plastic stuff anymore, its soft and pleasant to walk and sit on, both for you and your pooch.

They Are Crushing Flowers

Why is it that your canine friend will always choose the most inconvenient place to sit? We see it when Great Danes want to perch on our laps, and when dogs of all sizes and breed see flowers beds as dog beds. Of course, while it may be very comfortable for them to fall asleep on your azaleas, it doesn’t do the flowers much good and can make your garden look somewhat depressing.

Has Your Dog Devastated Your Garden - The Are Crushing Flowers

Happily, there’s a way to get around this, and it’s to section parts of the garden off. Then you can have an area usually at the back of the garden where your pup can run and play.

This also allows you to have the area closest to the house as a place for decorative features and flower planting without it being at risk of the dog destroying it. Something that helps to ensure that the view from your windows look out over the attracted part of the garden, not the dog devastated part.

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