Have a Stellar Family Vacation in Italy Without Losing Your Sanity!

We’ve all had that one vacation where we have thought to ourselves, “Why didn’t I just go on vacation myself and leave the rest of the family behind?” Am I right, or am I right? Much as we love them, they can drive us crazy at times – especially on vacation where we are spending more time together, every day.

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe to visit that has something for everyone – beautiful weather, beaches, cultural offerings and breath-taking scenery! We have done a little bit of research to show you that you can have a family holiday in Italy without tearing your hair out! Don’t believe me? Read on!

Choosing a destination in Italy

There are so many beautiful destinations within Italy that it can be difficult to know where to head for. This decision is even more difficult when you are bringing your family in tow but there’s no need to worry! Regardless of where you go in Italy, you will find that it is family friendly and children are always welcome. So whether you head for the canals of Venice, the beaches of Sicily or the sightseeing offerings of Rome, you will be sure of a warm and friendly welcome for you and your family.

Choose accommodation carefully

When you go on holiday as a family, the important thing to remember is to ensure that there is enough space for everyone. There is nothing more guaranteed to add stress to a holiday if everyone is cooped into small living quarters for the duration of a holiday – cue fights, frayed tempers and full on stress!

Sicily Villa with Pool

A villa in Italy is like a home away from home and provides you with a base to travel from as well as providing all the home comforts that you need. Some villas even offer that bit more! For example, you can find many villas in Sicily with a pool as well as a host of other features, making the to the perfect place to relax and unwind while keeping everyone happy at the same time!

Keep them fed!

grab a bite at a friendly eatery

Hungry children are grumpy, unhappy children which is why it is important to keep them fed and watered always especially when on holidays! In Italy. You are spoiled for choice when it comes to food and drink and you are surrounded by pizzas and pastas which almost every child will eat. Most restaurants will offer a children’s menu and if not, they are generally happy to accommodate you. Also, don’t forget the famous Italian gelato which is their tasty ice-cream that the country is famed for – your children will love it!

Explore, Explore, Explore!

A creative playground space in Manarola, Cinque Terre

Keeping your children active is important when you are trying to keep them happy! While this may mean endless hours by the pool or on the beach, you may want a bit more than that which is why we recommend that you get out and explore this amazing country! Organize tours which will entertain them and enthrall you. However, don’t make the mistake of creating a jam-packed itinerary as this can wear everyone out. Stop regularly for breaks and if you pass a playground or park – pop in for a while!

While Italy is often the destination for honeymooners, single people and older travelers, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t visit Italy as a family and enjoy it just as much as family!

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  1. Such awesome tips!! We are huge advocates of traveling with our kiddo!! We find that we have so much more fun with him along!! Its amazing to see things through a child’s eyes 😉

  2. I have wanted to visit Italy for so long. It is on my bucket list. These pictures are beautiful. Thank you for the great suggestions.

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