Having Fun Out And About In Winter

Winter is very firmly here, with the dark afternoons and pretty sunsets, plenty of rain and the ever-promise of snow, and the need to wear at least 3 scarves when you’re out in the early morning. However, that makes a lot of it fun! Planning on spending some time in England this winter? There are plenty of reasons to pull your wellies on and get out there to enjoy the current weather they have now; just switch out the usual day attire for the wintery version.

It can be difficult to motivate people to go outside when it’s dark and freezing, so take advantage of the warmer midday times, and get up as early as you can to revel in the outside world! If you’re looking for a good day to spend with your family, or your friends, then look no further! Here’s a few ideas if you’re at a loss and just shivering in your boots when you step outside. Have a good run around and get the blood pumping again!

Having Fun Out And About In Winter


When we’re out and about in the cold, with a lot of other people milling about us, wrapped up warm and possibly still sneezing within hearing range, you’re going to want to give yourself a guarantee that you won’t also start off with the bad cough and the runny nose. That’s where booking an appointment with the clinic comes in: flu vaccinations!

So if you’re looking to stay healthy this winter whilst you’re having fun, make sure you make good choices, and get you and your family a vaccination if they’re entitled to it. It’s the best way to keep illness out of your house, and it makes flu less of a problem on the streets around you. If you’re on the lookout for a place that offers mostly free jabs, check out this pharmacy; offers flu vaccinations and you can book them online, making it an even easier process.


Winter is one of the best times to go to the big city itself, as the queues like to give it a miss during the colder season, meaning you can get into the big attractions a lot quicker. However, to be a little more specific, one of the best places to go in mid winter is Canary Wharf.

If you take a trip to see the Winter Lights, be sure to take a camera and a hot chocolate with you. There’s going to be a whole festival around the event, so be sure to rock up any time from the beginning of next year until the end of January. There’s going to be plenty of new art pieces on show, all glitzy and lit up like a Christmas tree. It’s even good for the kids due to the interactive element, allowing them to revel in their wonder. Of course, it’s a little early to know what exactly will be on offer, but for a free event that paints a beautiful picture against the London skyline, it’s worth it!


A lot of places in the South of England, whether they be East or West, are good places to choose for a weekend break away in winter for the whole family. They have plenty of magic surrounding them, plenty of markets to stroll through looking for good deals, and the classic model of B&Bs always thrive here. Villages always get their fair share of snow over the bigger cities adorning this country, and that makes them a good place for family days out.

Places like that of Wells in Somerset, or Bakewell in Derbyshire have great geographical locations to start off with. Bakewell is on the edge of the Peak District, allowing for some good hikes and picnics in the hills, and Wells has its own Cathedral, set in the heart of a tourist and market town in one.

These towns also have their fair share of a deep history, and that makes them a good find for anyone interested in the days of yesteryear. It’s often that we take our kids on days out that have an educational value to them, and this helps form their interests as adults, so cultivate the young historian or curator in your family!


Ice skating is at its peak during the winter, as the cold temperatures do a lot of good in sustaining the frozen surface. That means you should take full advantage of this seasonal activity, and have some fun with your skates on out in the open, rather than go to your local sports center with their specialized rink.

Usually, ice rinks can be set up in the middle of shopping centers, meaning they’re entirely local and easy to get to. Don’t worry about your kids being up to skate their way around without falling completely flat on their faces; plenty of helpers, often in the form of penguins, are around to give a hand! You can get a good deal in Christmas sales whilst you watch your little ones whizz around with their new found increased mobility.

Maybe even try out a Christmas market at the same time in the bigger cities. When the kids start to get a little bored of trawling delicious smelling stalls and staring at the big Christmas tree in the center, let them loose on the employees at the rink.

Winter doesn’t have to mean you’re always snuggled up in front of the TV with a bad movie on, plenty of blankets, and hot drinks, although there’s nothing against that completely enjoyable activity. You’re going to need to wrap up warm, pack some good food, get yourself protected against lingering colds and flu, and then have a good time out as a family! Often you won’t need to book either, as these are the quieter times, and most activities that crop up during this period are free to attend.

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