Healing Solutions For Prolonged Back Pain Even After Operation

Healing Solutions for Prolonged Back Pain

Back pain is an excruciating experience that one could ever go through. It’s perhaps the most painful of all chronic pains as it’s where the majority of the large nerves reside. Large muscles and heavy skeletal structures and bones in the back allow us to be the only animal to walk upright. There are so many causes for back pains and not all of them are your fault. However, you cannot play innocence when you live a lifestyle that is inherently against the natural design of your body.

Hours and hours of sitting down every day at work is one of the prime culprits for back pain. Sudden twisting or unwarranted torque of the vertebrae is another serious issue that causes instant and severe pain. So you would think that after an operation things would get better right? It’s not always the case that you will heal and your back return to normal especially when there could possibly be outside factors affecting you. How could you cope and solve your prolonged back pain after an operation?

The push method

Bones cannot express pain, it’s the nerves that are connected to muscles, joints and ligaments that shoot electrical signals of discomfort to the brain. On your body, you have various pressure points but wherever there are bunched up nerves in the muscles i.e. knots, they are newly formed pressure points. Obviously, you can feel the pain in your back and can somewhat localize the pain to a certain area from where it’s emanating. Use your thumb or index finger to rub gently on your back avoiding all bones such as in the pelvis, sacrum and spinal column. Get closer and closer to the pressure point and continually prod to see where the maximum amount of pain is coming from.

When you have pinpointed the key spot, push into the muscle. If the pain dissipates and you feel a sense of relief, this is a clear indication of where the source of your agony is. More than likely it’s a pinched nerve or muscle going into spasm. Grab and marker and mark that spot so the next time you see your doctor you can indicate to him or her exactly where the pain is based.

A slipped disk

Back surgery is unimaginably complex and the recovery is incredibly painful. Don’t forget that it’s the central nervous system that the back harbors which is why there are so many tender places after someone has sliced you open. However, the operation is supposed to make things better not worse. If you can feel as if your back still hasn’t recovered in the time that the doctor said it would, you do have reasonable cause for concern. All bodies are different and they react in their own way to back surgery. If you feel as if your back literally slides in and out, you could have a slipped disk.

To access the spinal nerves the surgeon may have to move your vertebrae body down or up. The disk that is in the middle is like a wedge that keeps the spine flexible and stops the vertebrates from grinding on each other. So what can you do in the event of a disk that has become slipped after the operation? Well calling a medical malpractice attorney legal service such as Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C. is the first step. When the doctor or surgeon closes your back up again, they have to make sure everything is aligned properly and fits as it should.

Doctors may not have the compensation funds you require for another surgery and more time off work. Therefore a good attorney will target the hospital also as they are the body that hired the doctor in the first place. If a nurse or doctor were negligent in their assessment of the care they provided, they are treated as acts of the hospital itself. Therefore it makes hospitals culpable for any legal action that you take against the doctor, to begin with.

It’s vital to your recovery that you do everything the doctor says until you have passed the normal healing point. Take the right precautions and give your back all the support you need. Use multiple pillows and even change your mattress to get a better sleep at night. However, a slipped disk causes the vertebrae bodies to grind and bump into each other. Whenever bones begin to crush other bones, not only is it painful but you become less flexible. Sometimes a doctor is just wrong and they may have caused you more harm than good. In that case, it’s only right to file a medical malpractice lawsuit to regain some of your funds that you paid for your medical bills.

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