Helpful Hints That Really Work!

Remember last month when I posted some Helpful Hints that you could use around the house? Well I personally tested this one out today.

Guess what? It actually WORKED! I had to light a candle (beautifully scented candles from Rite-Aid, buy one get one free for $1!) and couldn’t get my lighter down in there to reach the wick without getting that black, scorched mark on the glass (don’t you just hate that??) so I remembered the spaghetti trick!
I didn’t use “regular” spaghetti – all I had in the cabinet was some Barilla’s Angel Hair pasta – figured that would do in a pinch. It worked too, see?

However, just one draw back. IT STINKS! I don’t know if it was because of the type of pasta I used, but that few seconds I had it lit – ugh! So if you DO decide to use this tip in your own home, I highly suggest doing it (a) near an open window or (b) underneath the exhaust fan on the stove. Make sure you have a can of air freshener around too…just in case!

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