Here’s How You Can Be Involved In Your Child’s Education

Parents want their children to excel in their studies but not too many offer support from their end to help them get there. Instead, they use their busy schedules as an excuse and hold schools entirely responsible for educating their child while making occasional appearances during the parent-teacher meetings.

How to Be Involved in Your Child's Education

If you are such a parent, it is time to change your ways. The early years of school are crucial for your child and this is the time to be there for them. Parental involvement and genuine interest in a child’s education go a long way in positively impacting their learning, growth and confidence.

Here are 4 simple ways to be more involved in your child’s education.

Help with Homework

Help Them With Homework

Yes, you are a full-time working mom but when you come back home at the end of the day, make it a point to help your child with their homework. The idea is to not handhold them but to be aware of what your child is learning in school and establish good study habits during their formative years.

So, whether they need some quick essay help or are stuck on a math problem – you should be around to monitor them and offer them the much needed assistance.

Always let your child approach their homework on their own – that’s the best way they will learn and while they are at it, you can use that time to do your work. That way they don’t immediately turn to you for help without tackling it themselves first.

Read Together

Read with Your Child

In a world where gadgets are everywhere, reading often tends to take a backseat. Reading still is and will always be one of the most important skills that children should develop. Children who read grow up with richer vocabulary and better speaking and listening skills.

As parents, there are many ways to nurture reading habits in your children. Start with reading books aloud to them and then when they are ready, they can read it out to you. Make reading together a part of your daily routine and let them find the pleasure in it.

Volunteer in School

Volunteer in School and For Field Trips

Just attending parent-teacher conferences is not enough. Try and volunteer in school activities whenever possible. It sends out a positive message and reflects genuine interest in your child’s education. Volunteering also helps improve your relations with the school and understand how it operates.

There are a lot of school activities that could use volunteering help such as charity events, sports day, concerts, school carnivals and more. Depending on your schedule, express your interest in volunteering and show your support in your own little way.

Encourage Outdoor Learning

Encourage Outdoor Learning

Learning and education should not be restricted to the four walls of the classroom. Take it outside and create ‘learning moments’ for your child. Whether it’s taking an educational trip to a museum or learning a new sport together – let your child constantly learn something new. This helps boost social, cognitive, emotional and physical skills and improves overall behavior. So, make good use of those weekends and play an active role in educating your child.

About the Author:  Adela Belin is a private educator and a writer at Writers Per Hour. She shares her teaching experience with colleagues, students, and writers. Feel free to contact Adela on G+.  

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