Here’s How You Can Help To Keep Your Love Alive

In any relationship, keeping the love alive is really important. It doesn’t matter how strongly you feel about each other at the start. Science proves that after around 3 years, those original chemicals and hormones begin to fade. We stay together after this period due to the connection we’ve built, loyalty, and how much work we continue to put into the relationship. Some people stay together purely out of habit – many of them aren’t happy. If you want to make sure that your relationship is for the long term, these tips will keep your love alive:

Learn One Another’s Love Language

Learn one another’s love language now, and you can save yourself from problems and misunderstandings later on. Many people end up separating because they don’t realize there is such a thing as a love language, let alone what a love language is. Everybody has their own love language, and this is how they accept love from others.

If you show your love by giving gifts, for instance, but your partner doesn’t receive it this way, they may still feel like they aren’t connecting with you properly and become unhappy. When you learn one another’s language, the idea is to make an effort to show love in this way too. This concept has saved many relationships. If your partner’s love language does happen to be receiving gifts, you don’t have to go broke. You can find Fingerhut gift ideas on Couponbox.

Know How To Communicate

Communication is crucial too. This is another main reason relationships break down in the long run. Misunderstandings and people feeling unable to communicate what’s really going on inside of them. Learn how to communicate by getting your feelings across, rather than pointing the blame at your partner and using accusatory language. Don’t claim they are ‘making’ you feel a certain way. It may take some practice, but you can learn to communicate more effectively.


All relationships need compromise. Make sure you and your partner are both willing to do this equally in order for you to have a happy relationship.


Pick Your Battles

It’s all too easy to tell your partner off, but you should pick your battles. For example, leaving clothes on the floor, a mess on the kitchen side…these things are often brought up in relationships. But do they really matter? Only bring up the things that really matter and you’ll both be much happier.

Make An Effort

Making an effort to impress your partner after years together is a good idea. If you have a date night, why not dress up and make an effort just like it was your first date? You’ll both feel good this way!

Think And Speak Positively

We get more of the things we look for. If you’re looking at all of the negative things in your partner, that’s what you’re going to get more of. Think of your partner in a positive way, and focus on their good points. Your whole relationship could change. This doesn’t mean you should ignore it if they are abusing you or anything like that. When you first see your partner after a long day, make an effort to talk about positive things too.

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  1. These are fantastic points. Relationships aren’t always easy, especially after having children or when a hardship comes along. It’s important to be equipped with these “tools” so you and your SO can work through issues more easily.

  2. All of these are so great to know. I have been married 30 years and we still need reminders. I know that at this point it should be second nature but it is not when you get into such a routine of everyday life. I let other things become the priority and not my marriage!

    • We all do that Stephanie. I’ve had the same issues myself … your focus can get so intense on raising your kids and everyday life that you just forget that your relationship with your partner is just as important and needs attention and love as well. I totally get it!

  3. Unfortunately, so many learn don’t learn these skills, particularly communication, early on. Relationships are work.

    • Amen to THAT!!! Relationships take a LOT of work if you want to make them last … unfortunately, when the going gets tough after awhile, it’s easier to just ditch the situation and start over … but then you end up never truly understanding what makes a relationship work and how to make a relationship work.

  4. I love this post and all of the tips/advice! Being in a relationship is not easy, but these are some great ways to make it seem easy. These are all things that anyone in a relationship should follow. My boyfriend and I do!

  5. This review has some really good advice! After you’ve been together as many years as my hubby and I have, the hot wild sex starts to fade, especially when you work, have kids, and all the other kinks life throws at ya! You start making “appointments” and sometimes those don’t even work if you are tired from working, getting involved with your kids and their activities, or from nursing a sick child back to health. Communication is a BIG key! You start to assume when your partner doesn’t say anything and that’s bad! Also picking which fights are important is also a great one!! I have found the less you get off their back about things, the more they are inclined to do them! I love the five love languages! I just never thought of them as that ?

    • I love the five love languages too, Sue! Everyone has their own way of showing love … and understanding that means all the difference in the world – especially in a relationship where the two parties are complete opposites like hubby and I lol! We used to fight about every little thing under the sun – literally – until I decided after a particularly stupid argument that if it wasn’t a matter of life and death or something that would alter our family dynamics – it wasn’t worth fighting over. While he still tries to get my goat now and again, I’d say about 79% of the time we’re in agreement and harmony reigns supreme lol!

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