Hobbies to Share with Sons

As a mother it can sometimes be difficult to find time to spend with your children when you have a busy schedule, and for some it can be particularly difficult to spend quality time with sons doing something that you both enjoy. Here, we have listed a few ideas of things you can do together to help you have some of that crucial one on one bonding time.


Exercising is something that’s important for everyone to do so it’s something you can easily enjoy together. If you have older sons, go with them to the gym and help each other with your workouts. Research Jay Cutler bodybuilding tips and surprise them with your knowledge.

For younger children or those who enjoy more low-key exercise, go for a nice long hike with them. It’s a great opportunity to chat away to them and get to know more about them. You could also go for a swim or join them playing their favorite sports. If you’ve got your certificate from CRB Direct, you could even help out coach their team!

It’s important to show an interest in your child’s hobbies so that they feel understood and they know you care about them.

jonathan and mom
Spending an afternoon at Osborne Landing in Richmond, VA with my eldest son, Jonathan

Read Together

For younger sons, it can be lovely to spend time reading together. Discovering new, exciting stories and watching their faces light up as you read can be very rewarding. Bedtime stories are a particularly good opportunity to bond with your child one on one and help them to settle down for the night.


It’s not only girls who love to shop. Find out what your son’s favorite stores are and take him to have a look around. Share ideas and advice on things whether its clothes, technology or cosmetics, you can learn a lot from them too.

Go for A Meal

This is always a typical crowd-pleaser as everyone loves to go out to eat delicious food. Taking your son out for a meal is another great one on one bonding experience where you can sit and chat to your hearts content.


Teaching your sons to cook is an important milestone that prepares them for later life. Not only will you be teaching them to look after themselves properly when they’re eventually independent, but you might also be sparking a new passion in them. Cooking together can be fun and you never know, it might lead them to helping out around the house a bit more.

Spending an afternoon at Richmond Dragway in Richmond, VA with my youngest son, Tre

Watch a Movie

Going to see a movie can be a great way to find shared interests. Pick a film you think you’ll both enjoy, and you’ll find yourselves chatting about it for ages afterwards.

Try out some of these ideas and you’ll soon start to see a brilliant friendship growing between yourself and your sons. Don’t be too intimidated to join in with hobbies which are typically more male-orientated; it’s important to teach them to question gender stereotypes as well as learning something new yourself. For more ideas of how to raise sons, check out lifeinahouse.net.

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