Mom’s Recipes – Pecan Lassies

In honor of National Cookie Day, we are sharing some of my Mom and Nana’s favorite Thanksgiving and Christmas cookie recipes today. This next one up is the absolutely decadent Pecan Lassies. Talk about bite-size morsels of heaven in your mouth! I have to tell you right now, the picture doesn’t do them justice. In order to really appreciate these little treats, you need the ones warm out of the oven with little bits of that brown sugar, buttery goodness oozing down the outside of the crust to truly appreciate these little guys!

Mom's Pecan Lassies Recipe

These are – hands down – my absolute favorite cookies of the holiday season. They have several different names as well – pecan tassies, crunch cups, pecan tarts – doesn’t matter what you call them, they are just as delicious and made relatively the same.


I plan on doing some baking this weekend, and these little guys are definitely on the list of treats to make. I just hope that I do my Mom and Nana proud. I’m sure they will both be looking down from heaven, over my shoulder, waiting with a handful of flour to toss at me if I do something wrong!

Happy baking,

Have a Great Week!

Love and Blessings

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Jana Williams

Thanks So Much for Sharing This Delicious Recipe for Pecan Lassies, I Really Do Appreciate it! I Absolutely Love Nuts Especially Pecans and I’m Always Looking For a New Recipe That Calls for Pecans! I Think Pecan Lassies Make the Perfect Little Sweet Treat and I Love the Size of Them, You Can Just Pop Them into Your Mouth b/c They are Perfectly Sized! I Think They are Just Perfect for the Holidays or Any Other Time of the Year! They Also Look Easy Enough to Make Which is Great for Me b/c I Have Bad Chronic Pain and I… Read more »

Jana Williams

Yummy…Thanks So Much for Sharing this Awesome Recipe for These Pecan Lassies, I Really Appreciate it! I Love Pecan, Especially in Desserts & I’m Always Looking for a Way to Incorporate Nuts in Sweets! These Pecan Lassies Would Make an Awesome Little Treat for the Holidays Too! Thanks So Much for Sharing, Have a Blessed Day! – Jana

Christina Strapp Lam

Oh these look good and my husband would probably love these. He loves pecan pie and I bet these would be awesome.