Holiday Shopping Made Easy: 6 Gift Ideas That Almost Everyone Will Love

6 Gift Ideas That Almost Everyone Will Love

Although giving great gifts is one of the best moments during the holidays, sometimes finding the perfect gift can get a little overwhelming, especially when the list of recipients expands with each passing year. Simplify and streamline your gift giving process with a few holiday standbys that almost everyone is sure to love, for a simple and satisfying gift for all.


Sweets, snacks, and other festive holiday food makes a great gift for many recipients. Even if someone doesn’t care for sweets, snacks inspire sharing and holiday goodwill, for a universally delightful gift. Colorful and pre-wrapped snack baskets make presentation a snap. You could even make this idea a little more personal and customize it for someone you know well. Combine the candy and snacks with tickets to something you know they will, like the movies, a theater production, or a concert. This way they can enjoy the event with the snacks you give them.


Wine makes an elegant and thoughtful holiday gift, and most stores provide you with the ratings, making it easier than ever to choose a good bottle without breaking the bank. Wine is a traditional gift, especially for holiday parties, and a good bottle doesn’t have to be expensive.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are available for almost every store or company today, making them a great way to spread the holiday love and make sure the recipients get something they really want. Choose from specific gift cards, like Starbucks for the coffee lovers or best buy for the technophiles, or choose a vast online company like Amazon to really open up your gift card possibilities. Gift cards are always more personal and useful than cash, because then it won’t be spent on everyday expenses.

Warm Socks and Blankets

Cute, colorful and warm socks and slippers make an excellent holiday gift for the colder months, and you don’t even have to worry about the fit. Socks are available in a virtually endless variety of colors, patterns and styles for an expressive way to stay warm and toasty. Blankets are an item that people don’t usually ask for, but always appreciate. There are a variety of throws that could be used to add decorative color to their home, as well as a practical use for keeping warm.

Art Canvas Prints

A wide variety of famous and beautiful art prints are available, printed on specially treated canvas for a more authentic and artistic looks. Decorative canvas wall hangings featuring popular prints from Banksy street art to Van Gogh masterpieces make a great and stylish gift for people of all ages and personalities. Whether it’s an edgy pop art Banksy canvas print or a canvas printed portrait of a favorite celebrity, stylish wall hangings deliver something for everyone.


Office supplies are a necessity for most people, and one that most people hate buying. Brighten up desks, workplaces and home offices with thoughtful stationery gifts. Custom shaped post it notes, personalized notebook paper, stylish pens and other quirky and unique office accessories make a great stocking stuffer or small gift for a wide variety of people. If you see it and you like it, there’s a chance they will too. Don’t let shopping for gifts stress you out this holiday season. Try these six unique and useful gifts for those picky friends or family.

Anita is a freelance writer from Denver, CO. She writes about home and family, finance and fashion. A great gift for mom is a family photo printed on a large Banksy Canvas.

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