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Every homeowner would want to make their living room THE place to be. For those who are very particular with every interior design element, choosing the right furniture set is of utmost importance. Every item has to match with all the other pieces in the living room. But one way to take the guesswork of whether or not furniture pieces will match is to buy complete living room furniture sets.

And in this article, we’ll tell you how to choose living room furniture sets that transform your space into your dream home.

What’s Included in a Living Room Set

Choosing a living room set brings a myriad of benefits. Before you choose a living room set, make sure to assess your space. Determine the overall home style you have so you can identify the best living room sets that best match your home decor.

Once you know what living room furniture style you want, make sure you pick a set which includes these pieces:


The sofa is the primary piece in a living room set. And there are different types of sofa to choose from. Before choosing the sofa, make sure you know what you want in terms of size and shape. This should also coincide with how big your living room is. Check this guide for the most basic types of sofa.


Some sets may include a loveseat on top of a sofa. A loveseat is a smaller type of sofa that is good for two people only. It is also known as the “British two-seaters.” Originally, the loveseat has a seating capacity for a couple.


A chair should be part of a living room set. It is usually where people can sit and relax in their own space. It can be a reclining chair, a chaise lounge, a wing chair, an armchair, a side chair, and more.


An ottoman, or also otherwise known as the hassock, tuffet, pouf, or footstool, is another inclusion in a living room set. It typically has no back and sometimes has a head. But in most cases, it doesn’t have both. Ottomans are compact and overstuffed. This means the wood foundation shouldn’t be visible.

Center table

In some living room furniture sets, the center table, coffee table, or side table is included. This is an excellent benefit when buying sets instead of buying living room items individually.

complete living room set

Tips in Choosing Living Room Furniture Sets

Whether you have a contemporary, modern, traditional, or rustic home style, planning is key to a stunning and functional outcome. If you’re choosing new pieces, then make sure to take heed of these simple steps before buying your home furnishings:

  • Measure your living room area before you scour the web for living room products. This is to ensure that the items aren’t big enough or too small for your living room and that won’t throw the visual weight and aesthetics off.
  • Assess your overall home style. Do you have a modern, contemporary, traditional, transitional, vintage, rustic, or eclectic home design? Knowing what your overall home style is will help you find suitable living room sets that match the rest of your home decor.
  • Determine what your usual activities are. Your living room should fit your lifestyle. That being said, determine what you and your family’s activities are. Do you frequently hang out in the living room? Do you hold occasional parties? Do you have children who frequently play in the living room? Are your pets allowed in the living room? Knowing what your activities are will lead you to choose the right materials and upholstery.


Now that you know how to choose complete living room furniture sets, the shopping process should be fun and easy. And if you want hassle-free shopping, browsing, and shipping, choose from Local Furniture Outlet’s extensive array of living room products. Additionally, they also offer huge discounts so every homeowner can get every bang for their buck.

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