Home Repair Jobs You Shouldn’t Do Yourself

Many people enjoy the challenge of going DIY. However, there are some cases where it can be best to leave it to the pros rather than attempting it oneself. Here are just a few home repairs that you probably shouldn’t take on yourself.

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Electrical work

Unless you’ve had training with electrics, you should probably leave anything electrical well alone. Electrical work can be complex and if you get it wrong there could be a risk of starting a house fire or giving somebody a nasty electric shock. All electrical work has to be signed off as safe by a certified electrician. As a result, you may as well hire this very electrician to do the work for you.


Aside from small tasks such as unblocking toilets and emptying u-bends, most plumbing jobs should be carried out by a professional plumber. This is because plumbing can be complex and full of potential risks if things go wrong. Incorrectly fitted water pipes could come loose and cause flooding in your home. Poorly-fitted gas plumbing meanwhile could be extremely dangerous, causing a carbon monoxide leak or possibly an explosion.  

Fixing appliances

Fixing appliances can be fiddly work and can also have its dangers. Fridge repair, for instance, can be hazardous due to the weight of a fridge and the presence of electrics. Washing machine repair meanwhile combines water and electrics, while oven repair may involve working with gas. All in all, it’s better to leave these jobs to the pros.

Window replacement

Replacing a window takes a certain amount of precision. The slightest knock could be enough to cause it to shatter. You’ll then have the gruelling job of cleaning up all the broken glass whilst contemplating all the money you’ve just wasted. A professional window installation company will be able to save you the hassle and get your new window fitted in one piece.

Roof repairs

Roof repair is another task that is best left to professionals. Climbing up on a roof can be dangerous – even if your house isn’t tall, you could still suffer a bad injury if you lose your footing. On top of this, laying roofing is a job that requires skill and know-how. If your roofing isn’t carried out correctly, it could result in rainwater leaking in or it could allow cold drafts to enter. As a result, it’s not a job that you want to be doing yourself.

Fixing garage door

Garage door repair is another precarious task best left in the hands of professionals. Most garage doors are operated by springs, which are wound extremely tightly. If these break, they could cause a nasty injury (on top of this there’s also the risk of the door falling on you). 

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