Home Repairs That Cannot Wait

There are some home repairs that can wait, like a little tear in the wallpaper or a chip in the paint. They might be unsightly, but they aren’t dangerous. However, there are a couple of home repairs that are going to warrant a call to your local emergency handyman or professional. Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere is winding down, and it is the perfect time to take care of those last-minute home repairs that cannot wait.

Water Heaters

A water heater is pretty durable and can last up to about 15 years, but if you notice that yours isn’t working as you might usually expect, then it is time to call a professional. You might be tempted to check the heating elements or watch a couple of YouTube tutorials to help you out, but like everything on this list – if you get it wrong, it can be even more dangerous. 

Heating and Cooling

If either your AC or heating system breaks down in a season when the weather is temperate, you might be tempted to leave it for a while. But once the weather changes in either direction, it will become an issue. It is not uncommon for people to skip out on regular maintenance of their heating and cooling systems, which means you are more likely to need to call a 24/7 AC repair service or heating system expert. 

A common reason for your heating and cooling system to not be working efficiently is that the air filter is dirty. You can clean and replace the air filter yourself – and it should be done at least once a month. You’ll see a reduction in your heating and cooling bill just with this simple change. If you’re not confident, call an expert, and they will tackle this task for you 

Gas Leaks

We know that gas and carbon monoxide leaks are incredibly dangerous and, in many cases, deadly. There are no circumstances where you should repair anything to do with leaking gas or carbon monoxide. Instead, you need to leave the property and call an emergency plumber and your gas company immediately. 

Gas leaks can be hard to spot or smell in busy households; you might miss the egg or sulfur smell. However, you can also spot gas leaks with dead grass around the pipes, dry vegetation, hissing sounds, or weakness when you turn a gas stove on. 


The dangers of an electric fire are very real, and leaving anything you suspect to be an electrical issue can cause one. Damaged wires (often chewed by pests), bad wiring, overuse of extension cables, and faulty wires can have a devastating impact. You might notice flickering lights, plugs that malfunction regularly, or the power tripping or going out often. 

One of the biggest reasons people put off getting essential repairs and maintenance is because it can be costly. Even in this economy, when it is difficult to save, it is important to have a small savings pot so that you can afford these essentials. Here are some more reasons to get into a money-saving mindset: 5 Reasons to Start Your Saving Plan Today

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