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As today’s home gets increasingly smarter, homeowners can control everything from the garage door to the crock pot remotely. Many of these smart appliances and devices are even being built with the capability of communicating with voice-operated digital assistants like Alexa, which Amazon built into its Echo, Apple’s Home Kit, and other devices, to effectively create a domestic network for your home productivity.

Turning on light bulbs and heating dinner in the kitchen from work via your smartphone can be useful, and even fun, but smart devices can also make your home and family safer. Check out these home security gadgets and protect your castle with tech.

Security cameras

Advances in camera technology have led to smaller and more innovative gear. Consider installing a doorbell camera to get a view of who is at the door. Nanny cameras come concealed in sorts of props to keep an eye on those tasked with caring for your loved ones.

Wireless security cameras come in all sizes and shapes to meet virtually any need. Exterior wireless security systems are completely customizable, flexible, and easy to install. Integration with other devices can allow the lights to go on automatically if movement is detected. Wireless security cameras can be remotely operated, store images in the cloud to retrieve from anywhere and share with the police if necessary, and deter people who are up to no good.

Smart locks

You can ditch the traditional lock and key and add an extra layer of control over your door with a smart lock. Depending one the model, you can grant or deny access to certain people; control entry remotely; and set the doors to lock automatically if you step outside the perimeter you select for the home. You can even integrate them with other smart devices – for example, program the device to turn on the lights when the door is unlocked.

Smart locks are available with or without a traditional physical key mechanism. Models with a key can allow you a backup authorization – loan your key out to a neighbor, boyfriend, whoever. If the relationship goes south, you can still deny access if he or she hasn’t returned the key. At the same time, you can keep a log of everyone who has entered.

Security lighting

Smart lights do more than provide light. Some smart bulbs learn your lighting patterns and replicate them when you are not home. Some allow remote control from a smartphone or tablet. Some integrate with Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s HomeKit, allowing voice-operated control. They can even adjust the warmness and coolness of the light emitted throughout the day.

To keep your space safe, some exterior smart light kits incorporate motion activation and wireless cameras to let you see who is approaching. Some activate when the doors unlock.

Smart lights are not just special bulbs that you buy. In some brands they are part of a system that includes a hub that controls the lights. In other brands, they are part of a complete smart home kit that can control everything from your doors to appliances. Keep this in mind when shopping for smart lighting.

Smart alarm systems

With a wired home, a DIY security system is a no-brainer. You can purchase a set or piece together the components based on your needs. A set often includes a smart hub and components like motion detectors, sensors for doors and windows, a camera, a remote control, and an alarm. Often a siren can be activated remotely if you detect some trouble that you want to drive away.

With a DIY smart security kit, you are generally on your own to call the police if there’s a problem. Some kits, however, offer the option of professional monitoring for a monthly fee without an annual contract obligation.

Putting smart gadgets to work for home security

The tech world is evolving at a rapid pace. Your ceiling fan, toaster oven, and window shades are already on board – isn’t it time you harnessed the power of technology to protect your fortress?

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