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A good first impression matters if you want to sell your home, and home staging can give you the advantage in this area. So, here are some great tips on creating the right first impression.

The Living Room

Symmetry is your great ally when it’s time to stage your living room. Whatever you’re placing – be it table lamps or accent pillows – arrange your furnishings symmetrically. Potential buyers will find the effect pleasing.

Add some stylish lamps to light up the whole room. They also help to freshen up the room and make it look chic.

Spend time making the fireplace look its best. Install a new screen and take the time to scrub away any accumulated soot stains.

If you have an opportunity to change your upholstery (buying slip covers, for instance), go with light colors to make the room feel more inviting.

Make your living room feel more spacious by removing one or two pieces of furniture.

Add a splash of color by investing in blankets or throw pillows in coordinated colors.

Arrange your furniture in groups that would encourage conversation. Bring the room to life by setting out something on the coffee table like a tea service or a board game.

Put your television to work enhancing the room by playing a slideshow of peaceful, pretty images while your home is being shown.

The Kitchen

If you want to sell a house fast, the kitchen is the place to begin.

Make your counters as clear as possible. The ideal to aim for is completely bare space relieved only by a decorative item or two (e.g. a bowl of fruit or a vase of flowers).

Clear out your excess dishes, glassware, flatware, and cookware. Leave only the absolute minimum in your kitchen, and try for matching sets wherever you can.

Think about your kitchen sink. Does the current style fit with the new theme you are going for? If you are looking to upgrade or change your sink, this article gives you detailed advice on what to look for.

Invest in a fresh finish for your kitchen cabinets. Add a new stain or a fresh coat of paint, and install new hardware to make them look modern.

Give your appliances a realistic appraisal. Can they look presentable if you clean them thoroughly, or is it time to buy new models? Stainless steel is the gold standard (pardon the mixed metaphor) when it comes to kitchen appliances. If you’re looking for a cheap way to achieve the right look, consider using stainless films.

Clean your fridge thoroughly and put the magnets in storage.

Use a little elbow grease to clean up your backsplashes, cabinets, and walls. Similarly, take the time to clean up the insides of your cabinets. Pay particular attention to the under-sink area.

Clean out your pantry. It shouldn’t be totally empty, but you don’t want it to be stuffed to bursting, either. A little clear space will make the pantry look bigger. Try using classy storage solutions (e.g. decorative baskets) and stocking up on fancy condiments.

Empty all of the kitchen trash cans. If they’re not stylish designer models, move them out of sight entirely.

The Bedrooms

When it comes to decorating the master bedroom, keep things gender-neutral. This is not the place for NASCAR posters or floral pillow shams. It is the place to get rid of that tired old mattress and replace it with a quality memory foam mattress and new pillows.

Clear out your closets and put everything you’re not currently wearing in storage. This makes the spaces look bigger.

Invest in a set of stylish wood hangers for the clothes you do leave in the closets.

Designate a safe space (possibly invest in a safe) for keeping jewelry and similar valuables.

If you have an unused bedroom, invest in the necessary furnishings to display it as a study, sewing room, home office, or other purposeful space.

Clear out the televisions and other electronics (e.g. video game consoles) to make your bedrooms look more serene and inviting.

The Dining Room

Give potential buyers’ imaginations a nudge by setting the dining room table for a fancy party.

Don’t forget to doll up the surrounding furniture as well. If you have a permanent buffet, sideboard, or cabinet in the dining room, add something classy like a decanter with wine glasses.

Add a few small decorative elements to bridge the gap between formal and casual. Fancy up the floor with a handsome runner and try sprinkling around touches like candle holders or small floral vases.

The Bathrooms

Put some serious effort into cleaning up all the surfaces that regularly come into contact with moisture: the shower door, floors, walls, etc.

Take the time to scrub your tile grout. If the seam around the tub is looking nasty, re-caulk it.

You can freshen up outdated bathroom tile by painting it instead of replacing it. Use a high adhesion primer coat and top it off with water-resistant latex or epoxy paint.

Declutter the bathroom’s horizontal surfaces, including the counters, the tub surround, and the toilet tank. Clean them all until they’re spotless.

Invest in the little touches that will make your bathroom feel like a fancy spa: high-quality towels, a soap dispenser, a fresh white shower curtain, new bath mats, plants, candles, decorative baskets, and so forth.

Install new seats on your toilets and fix any leaks.

Use vinegar to get rid of hard water stains on your bathroom fixtures.

Deodorize the drains. Baking soda, boiling water, or vinegar will all help.

If you need to replace your sink, consider using a pedestal model to make the room feel larger.

Extra Tips

Install mirrors to brighten up dark spaces like hallways.

Opt for light and neutral colors if you’re repainting any of your walls. Use the same colors in adjacent rooms to make spaces seem bigger.

Paint over dated wood paneling with neutral colors. You may want to fill in the gaps between panels first.

Update all of your switch plates and outlets; make sure they match throughout the home.

Wash your windows both inside and outside. Repair or replace damaged screens.

Take down family photos. Use attractive art to fill in any empty spaces on your walls.

Selling your home may not always be the easiest thing to do in this market, but with these tips on staging your home, you will be ahead of the game and your prospective buyers will be able to envision how the home will look when they become the new homeowners!

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  1. Wonderful ideas and tips! We are thinking of selling one of these years and I’ll have to remember these!

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  3. I love all these ideas.My daughter will be selling her home this year so this is a great help.

  4. These are such great tips. It came at the perfect time. I am getting ready to put my home on the market. Thank you so much for sharing

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