Homemade Decorations To Wipe Away Winter Blues

With winter rolled around, and that tricky SAD often firmly in place, we can make ourselves feel a little more productive with our time by rethinking our design options. Considering we’re unlikely to venture out, you might as well use this time you have stuck indoors due to the rain and the cold weather to spruce up your living space, whether it’s your bedroom, kitchen, or the living room, to make you feel a little more at home. This has been mentioned a little before on the blog, but let’s really get stuck into bettering how we feel and bettering how our surroundings look. Here’s some tricks for popping up homemade decorations that are usually at little cost to yourself.

Homemade Redecorations To Wipe Away Winter Blues

For Your Storage Solutions

Having a cluttered work and living space can drive us crazy, literally, and with our moods already out for the count we’re going to need to do something about this. Thankfully, plenty of pieces you already own, that look and plain in gloomy in their natural settings, can be used here.

If you have a desk to work at, and there’s no room to fit your own keyboard on to type away when you need to, it’s time to get a sorter. You can use an old shower caddy and wall mount any supplies you need on a daily basis. It also means you get a little bit of exercise standing up every so often if you usually can be found working away on your backside all day.

Hang Up Your Favorite Memories

One of the best ways to remind ourselves that we’re not lonely, and to uplift our spirits, is to hang up pictures of our best moments in life. You can hang them along a wire with some fairy lights adorning the top, really highlighting a wall and projecting it as your favorite.

You can also pop some cork boards around to leave little affirming notes from people, or remnants of the good times, like tickets and receipts.

Re-purpose Some Pieces

So you have an old table you have no idea what to do with, and you’re just thinking of throwing it away to be done with it. Well, there’s no need to go that far! There’s plenty of reasons to hang onto old piece if they’re durable and can hold a coat of paint.

You don’t even need to find some old pieces if you like a minimalist style. Just buy yourself a plain old item from a shop and then go wild with your creativity. For example, you could buy yourself a bin or storage container from Cuckoolands luxury furniture collection and then turn it upside down to use as a table, or a nightstand, and still have space underneath it to swipe those extraneous items we never know what to do with under.

There’s plenty of ways to use your time and energy creatively if you give it a little chance. Look to your un-decorated walls and pop some pictures up!

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