House Demolition Tips: Things to Know About

A lot of people buy a house for the amazing plot.  Often, the house will be beyond salvage and you need to demolish it.  Demolishing a house is not something that most people know about and therefore you need to know some house demolition tips.  These house demolition tips will ensure that this process runs smoothly.

Check If You Need Planning Permission

Most demolition work does not require planning permission.  This is because demolition work is usually classed as Permitted Development.  However, this is not always the case and you need to consider this. 

Your Permitted Development could be restricted or removed under an Article 4 Direction or an Article 3 Restriction.  Article 4 is generally used on listed buildings or if the property is in a conservation area.  Article 3 is usually added as a condition of planned approval for other works.  In these situations, you will need to get planning permission for demolition. Using a reputable company, such as Prodan Construction in Greshamcan be a great help as the professionals will know these procedures and be able to deal with them in the proper manner for you.

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Do You Need Planning Permission for A Replacement Dwelling?

There are times when you want to demolish a house and build a replica in its place.  This can occur when the building is structurally unsound for any reason, but the layout and design were perfect.  In these cases, you may need planning permission, but you might not.

Planning policies generally allow for a replacement dwelling to be built if the original building was not abandoned.  This can be a tricky thing to determine because the definition of abandonment has not been fully laid out in the laws.  This is why many experts recommend that you apply for planning permission for the replacement dwelling even when it might not be needed. 

The replacement dwelling permission will need to be obtained before you start demolishing the existing structure.  The policy for this will vary depending on your location.  There are also areas that have restrictions on the scale of any enlargements you might be thinking of.  There could also be restrictions on the positioning of the new building in relation to the existing one. 

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Understand Cost Mitigation

It can cost a fair amount to have a house demolished by a professional.  This is why you need to know about and understand cost mitigation.  This will not be something that everyone can make use of and will depend on the house you are demolishing. 

Cost mitigation occurs when there are materials in the demolished property that have salvage value.  The contractor that you hire should create a list detailing all the salvageable items and their value.  The total value of this list should be deducted from the estimated costs of the demolition.  This value could offset costs such as site clearance or part of the demolition work. 

A lot of the costs of demolition will come from the removal of the debris.  These costs could be reduced through the reuse of non-toxic waste on the site.  Of course, it is important that you talk to your contractor regarding this and the possibility of reusing items from the site.

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