Household Pest Eradication: What Works and What Doesn’t

Household Pest Eradication: What Works and What Doesn't

Pests in the home, whether they are bed bugs, roaches, or spiders can send homeowners scurrying for a can of bug spray to alleviate the problem before it gets any worse. The problem is, though there are plenty of ways to prevent pests from invading your home, most of the methods that homeowners use to eradicate the problem after bugs are spotted do nothing but reduce the number of pests in the home. They do nothing to fix the problem for good. If you want to fix the problem for good, keep reading.

Mice and Rodents

Hearing the pitter-patter of tiny feet in the walls of your home is not a comforting feeling. Most people set out rat bait or use old-fashioned traps to catch the culprits and remove them. The flaw with this is that you don’t know how much of their family those rodents brought with them. The best bet for getting rid of the mice and rodents in your home is calling in a reputable local pest control expert. For example, if you live in the DFW metro area, you might call Moxie pest control in Dallas. If you live near Chicago, you’ll want to find out who has the best track record there, there is always Terminix! Local experts are always best because they understand how your local climate, etc. factor into the methods used to eradicate pests.

Bed Bugs

There are so many myths about bed bugs out there that it’s hard to know what is true and what isn’t. The one myth that is false is the one that says you can get rid of bed bugs on your own, using over the counter or natural methods. You can prevent them and control them, but you can’t get rid of them for good without calling in the professionals to take care of the problem for you. There are many supposed methods that will help you minimize a bed bug infestation, but none of those will eradicate them for good.


Just the word “roach” is enough to make most people cringe and for good reason. Cockroaches are determined survivors. They will find a way into your home if that is where they want to go. No matter how they got into your home, they are gross, and you can be sure one roach will become hundreds in short order. While there are many home remedies out there such as using boric acid or bay leaves and lemon peels that may seem to work for controlling an infestation, those methods are only temporary. Before you know it, you will start seeing roaches again and it won’t take long for a full-blown re-infestation to occur. There are sprays and traps that are said to work, but those contain chemicals that can be dangerous to pets and children. Worse, they truly don’t work for long. It’s best to call in reputable pest control experts so that they can tailor a treatment option to your specific needs.

These are just a few of pest infestations that DIY pest control methods fail to solve. Instead, they just reduce the problem until you think the pests are gone and then those same pests come back again. The next time you have a pest control problem, call in reputable pest control services instead. It just makes good common and financial sense, don’t you think? 

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