How A Smart Indoor TV Antenna Can Help Improve Efficiency

Gone are the days where you require a number of antennas at a home in order to try and get TV signals. Now that we are in 2019, technology has gone a long way to try and change how we get signals for TV channels in ways that are more efficient and not as costly. You can purchase an indoor TV antenna that has a number of virtual antennas all configured into one. Here are some of the benefits of this piece of equipment.

benefits of a smart indoor tv antenna
This Insignia Smart Indoor TV Antenna is one of our favorites and one which we use in our own home every day!

Ease of Installation

You would think that a piece of equipment like this may be a hassle to install, however, this is not the case. You can install the new indoor TV antenna quite easily by sticking it on the wall at a place which is convenient and not an eyesore. It doesn’t necessarily need to be placed right next to a TV or even a window for a signal. Once you have it ready, it has one simple lead for you to connect to the sources. This is a new push on connector that is a lot easier to use and negates the need for you to screw and turn.

Number of Sources

Smart TV antennas effectively have 7 different reception patterns. Clearly, this is a lot better than the conventional antennas that would require you to have 7 of these to host 7 TVs (if you had this). One smart antenna will do it all. If you are someone that has more than 7 TV’s then you would require to purchase an additional smart antenna as 7 at one time is the maximum it can support.


The antenna will scan for the range of channels on the push of a button.  You will find this at the bottom of the smart antenna and to find all the channels in range will take only a number of seconds. It is like having a Wi-Fi router that you want to scan for appliances – just click the button and a few seconds later, you have a number of options. Although you have the option of scanning, the smart antenna boasts that it “thinks for itself”. Ultimately these antennas will continue to do searches regularly to ensure you have maximum channels.


You would think that the price of one of these smart antennas would be very high, but they don’t tend to cost more than $100. The cost of one antenna is probably around half of this price and if this smart one does the job of 7, it is clearly a bargain that should be snapped up.


Watching TV in good quality such as HD is more and more important to customers. That is exactly why the smart antenna has the highest possible reception range in order to make sure the signal in your TV is awesome. There is also a built-in signal amplification that helps support this.

If you are interested in boosting the efficiency of your TVs, make sure to try a smart antenna.

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