AI (Artificial Intelligence) BIG-i Will Revolutionize Family Life

Artificial Intelligence Big-i Will Revolutionize Family Life

Information technology has brought the world to a whole new level. While developers are using some advanced tools such as azure monitoring metrics to ease their work, artificial intelligence is now beginning to enter our home and help us in our household chores and other types of household work. This is now possible with a robot called Big-i.

Big-i is an (artificial intelligence) AI-enabled robot designed to perform some simple human actions. According to Joe Zhang, marketing assistant at NXROBO, the company will mass produce Big-i before the end of 2017. This means that it’s just a matter of time we can see a robot interacting with us inside our homes.

What Big-i Can Do

What Big-i Can Do

Big-i can be controlled either through smart phones or voice recognition. This means you can command the robot with just a touch on the screen of your smart phone.

You can also have an option to tell the robot directly what action you want it to perform since it has a voice recognition system that processes voice commands.

For instance, you have some smart home devices that can be manipulated through wireless means, you can tell Big-i to turn on or off a particular device. You can tell the robot to go to a bedroom to turn off the light and go into the kitchen to turn off the stove, and so on. There are also some great advancements to have artificial intelligence built right into your home.

If the robot detects strangers approaching or knocking on the door, the robot will immediately check who the person is. Big-i also has a facial recognition system that identifies the members of your family. If the person behind the door is a stranger, the robot will find you or anyone at home to tell you that there is a stranger outside.

Aside from that, Big-i is also a good companion that can remind you of certain things the way your loved ones remind you of things you should not forget. For instance, you can instruct the robot to tell your kid to wear his coat when it’s cold outside, and the robot will remember it. When it detects your child will go outside and the temperature is very low, the robot will immediately tell your child to wear their coat because it’s cold outside.

What Big-i Can’t Do

Big-i is perfect for a home equipped with smart appliances. It will act as an alternative to a remote control device. However, it may be hard to appreciate its features if your home is not yet equipped with smart appliances. If that’s the case, Big-i will only be limited to just reminding you of many other things.

Big-i stands at just 2’ 6”, so it can easily move around and avoid obstacles. However, it moves with smaller wheels, so there is a chance it may bump into something along the way. It can’t move upstairs or downstairs.

It doesn’t have arms, holders, or anything that can lift or carry an object to perform some more actions like physically moving a particular object or even causing it to move. The robot’s shape is just a plain capsule with smaller wheels.


Big-i is a big step toward home automation, yet it has a long way to go before it fully grows into an independent humanoid robot that will perform almost all actions that humans can do.

Nevertheless, Big-i is just the beginning. Just like humans, Big-i will start from its infancy and will surely perform a lot more actions as it grows and develops.

Would you be one of the first to want to try a Big-i in your home? I know I would! Leave your response in the comments below.

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  1. This just amazes me. Technology is advancing so fast. What will they come up with next. Thank you for sharing this robot

  2. Well, it was just a matter of time. Big-i is gonna be visiting my house! Thank you.

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