How Can Coconut Oil Help You?

There are so many products out there that deem to be beneficial for your health, but how do you really know which ones are and which ones only claim to be? As a lover of all things coconut, I’ve got some valuable information on the benefits of coconut oil to share with you today.

How Coconut Oil Can Help You

A Natural Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease

Ketones are made by the digestion of MCFAs by the liver and are the source of energy for the brain. They do this without the need for insulin to transform glucose into energy.

Studies showed that the brain makes its own insulin to deal with glucose and power brain cells. The brain of an Alzheimer’s patient loses its ability to form insulin – the ketones from the coconut oil are an alternate source of energy for the brain. 

In Preventing Heart Diseases and High Blood Pressure

This oil has lots of saturated fats, and saturated fats increase the healthy cholesterol, the HDL cholesterol and convert the LDL cholesterol (this is the bad one) into the good one.

And because it increases the HDL cholesterols into the body, it prevents heart issues and it lowers high triglycerides.

It Protects the Liver and Treats Kidney Infections

Coconut oil benefits are a lot, and among those is the fact that it also treats urinary tract infections. The MCFAs from the oil are the natural alternatives to antibiotics and they break the lipid coating from the bacteria, killing them. It protects the liver, too.

We also recommend coconut water because it hydrates. Some doctors even use it to get rid of kidney stones. (Bet ya didn’t know that!)

It Reduces Inflammation and Arthritis

In India, it’s been said that the antioxidants from virgin coconut oil reduce the risk of and even treats arthritis.

The interesting things are that a study showed that, if harvested at a medium temperature, the coconut oil suppresses inflammatory cells. It was used as an analgesic and an anti-inflammatory agent and it worked!

It Prevents and Treats Cancer

Coconut oil has ketones and tumor cells cannot get access to the energy from ketones and, moreover, are dependent on glucose. A ketogenic diet can help people suffering from cancer to recover.

The MCFAs digest the walls of bacteria and they can also get rid of the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria (which is something that increases the risk of having stomach cancer). The coconut oil will help in preventing cancer, even if the cancer is chemically induced.

It Boosts the Immune System

Among other things, the coconut oil has lauric acid, which is famous for reducing candida and for creating a hostile environment for viruses. It can also fight bacteria. Diseases happen because of the viruses and parasites from our bodies.

So, make a change in your diet. Instead of grains and sugar, get coconut oil when you’re sick. Sugar is known to feed the bacteria from your body. That’s why, when you’re sick, it might be a good idea to take 1 small spoonful of coconut oil three times a day.

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