How Does Your Cat Communicate With Their Feline Friends

As the smartest communicator with both visual and vocal signals, the cats are considered to have good communication skills. 

How do cats communicate with each other? Cats talk to their feline friends in both mediums, including meowing, hissing, using postures, tactile methods (touch communication), etc.

There are two types of feline communications-

  • Vocal communication
  • Non-vocal communication

Cats use various vocal and non-vocal techniques to communicate with their fellow ones. But all the above, they use the first form of expression unlike other animals- Smell. They smell and make physical contact to have a good conversation. 

Vocal Feline Communication

When you talk about the vocal communication of cats, you may be already familiar with this general way of interaction that includes meowing, hissing, and growling when they are angry. 

If you are a cat lover and plan to pet one, you would be curious to know an answer to the question, ‘how do cats communicate with each other?’. Thus, to ease your understanding of this pet and its behavioral pattern, here is what you can understand:

how cats communicate with each other

Common Forms of Communication among Cats 

The most common form of feline communication is meowing. Every cat expresses itself through this vocal phrase “meow,” usually when it is a kitten. Though, it is not the only way of communication a cat uses with its owners. A cat either meows at humans or their mother to seek attention to get some love, petting or demand their favorite food. 

  • Another form of feline communication is purring. It is a positive form of feline communication when a cat is in a good mood.
  • Chirping: yes, cats also chirp like birds when they are staring at their prey like birds. It sounds weird that they chirp, but you will be surprised to witness this wonderful sound when you pay attention to it.
  • Growling, hissing and snarling are some fundamental ways of expression among feline animals when they are aggressive. It will be better to leave your pet alone when they use any of these expressions to let them calm down.
cats communicating

Non-vocal and Other Communication in Cats

Apart from these common forms of communication, there are also some other kinds of communication on which cats may rely. When they don’t use sounds like meowing or purring, they use visual communication. They either communicate through their body postures, tail, or through their ears and eyes. When they make direct eye contact and flatten their ears, it is a sign of alertness toward other felines.

They also prefer tactile (touch) communication which they usually do by grooming, kneading, and biting. The cats groom themselves through licking, whereas kneading is one of the cutest expressions, and biting is a way of expressing their different moods. 

Besides, urine spraying, rubbing, or head bumping are common ways to send a powerful message to other feline friends.

If you have a cat and you are wondering, ‘how do cats communicate with each other?’, their behavior with other feline fellows will help you know better and treat it at your best as per its moods.

how does your cat communicate with their feline friends
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