How Handwritten Letters Can Show You Care

It is a sad state of affairs when a good majority of the United States doesn’t require students to learn cursive writing any longer. As of 2020, there were only 21 states that still required it to be part of the curriculum taught in schools.

I adore sending a handwritten note with my fountain pen to say thank you to friends and family, or to send a letter to my biological father back home in Pennsylvania, I write a handwritten note in all of my Christmas cards (when I remember to get them out in the mail). There’s nothing like putting pen to paper and saying thank you for a gift or communicating your thanks to a customer or a business associate.

Yes, it takes more time than zipping off an email or sending a typed note, but that’s what a handwritten note is about. Showing that you took the time to care, that you took the time to put pen to paper. With everything being streamlined nowadays, sometimes that personal touch can get lost in the technology we use every day.

4 Reasons You Should Send Handwritten Notes

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Emails get deleted. Handwritten notes get opened.

With more and more people communicating online – it is much easier to send a Facebook message, post a comment, or send an email than it is to write a letter. Consider what you would do if you got a handwritten letter in the mail. Would you throw it in the garbage? Of course not, you would open it. A handwritten letter just FEELS special. So even if the recipient is not sure who sent the letter, the open rate is 99%. 

Handwritten letters are rare and often kept as memorabilia.

Let’s face it, the number of handwritten letters you find in your mailbox is next to none. In 2017 the average American only received 10 personal, handwritten pieces of mail, can you believe that? I can remember a time before the internet and email when if you wanted your friends and family to know you were on vacation, you sent a postcard from where you were or you sent them a handwritten letter to ask someone to check in on your home while you were away. People would also send thank-you notes, written by hand, after receiving gifts for their birthday, anniversary, or for Christmas. As a child, I was thrilled to receive a handwritten card or letter in the mail, and that has not changed since I’m an adult. 

Everybody appreciates a handwritten letter or card.

While an email is quick and convenient to convey your thanks for a gift, the person who took the time to send you a gift would be extremely appreciative of receiving a heartfelt, handwritten card or letter saying thank you for the gift they gave to you. Your handwritten note will also invoke many of the same feelings you felt when you were writing it. The use of email or messaging services like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. leaves much in the way of translation and messages can be misconstrued when sent electronically. On a personal note, I don’t feel as though my thanks or gratitude for a gift are ever actually truly conveyed unless I send a handwritten note.

Handwriting letters makes you happy!

Did you know that writing a letter by hand actually improves your happiness? Writing by hand is great for your memory, focus, and creativity. Numerous studies have shown that the sort of expressive writing that is done when you handwrite letters or even journal, it gives you a chance to express your inner thoughts and feelings, and has a measurable positive effect on your mental well-being.

Giving a Handwritten Letter as a Gift

I can tell you from personal experience, the gifts that mean the most to me, the ones that I keep in my little treasures box, are the handwritten letters and cards that I get from my children. My boys aren’t always the greatest at expressing their emotions or feelings, so when they do take the time to send me a card or note with a handwritten message, that is truly something special for me to keep and re-read any time that I am feeling particularly lonely and missing them. 

Handwritten Notes and Business

Now, when it comes to business, it can be extremely difficult to write handwritten notes for all of your customers. Even if you were to just send handwritten notes to your frequent clients who spent a certain amount every year – it would still be time-consuming. What if I told you there is a service that would guide you on how to write a handwritten letter and gives you all of the tools you need to make it easy to send handwritten notes for any occasion?

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With Handwrytten, you can easily upload a spreadsheet to send out hundreds of cards at once in an easy and affordable manner. Simple tools, generous bulk discounts, and integrations with today’s most popular marketing tools make sending handwritten notes a breeze. Handwrytten uses robotic handwriting machines that use an actual pen to write your message, making the results virtually indistinguishable from actual handwriting. With over 30 handwriting samples to choose from, you are bound to find one that mimics yours. My favorite, and the one that mimics my printing, is Kickin’ Kelsey.

So if you are looking to put your business ahead of the competition, check out Handwrytten today! We can practically guarantee that your customers will be extremely appreciative when they receive your handwritten note!

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