How I Got Donald Trump Elected as the 45th President of the United States

Okay … just going to put this out there … how in the hell did this happen? Every news channel I’ve watched had Hillary Clinton being the next President, our first woman President. Every newspaper article, online article … anywhere and everywhere all I saw were people who said it would never happen. It just wasn’t possible that Donald Trump would ever become President of the United States. Shoot, some places were giving the independent parties a better shot at winning than the Donald.


To say that I’m shocked is an understatement. Not because a working-class American became President, but because it’s DONALD TRUMP. I’ve visited his casino in Atlantic City, NJ. I’ve watched The Apprentice almost religiously every season. There was just something about hearing Donald say, “You’re fired!” on each episode to see who would be the last one standing and get the coveted contract to work on a project with Trump.

Then I really started to think … Donald Trump. This kid from Jamaica Estates, Queens. The second youngest of five kids. Enrolled in the New York Military Academy at age 13 because he was a little bad ass in school and at home with behavior problems.

Dang. Starting to sound like my own testosterone carriers.

Then my own words came back to haunt me. Every time something happened in the USA that wasn’t right, or family and friends had to deal with some screwed up bureaucratic b.s., I’d be the first one on social media saying we needed to fire everyone in Washington, D.C. and get rid of the politicians and just have honest, everyday people take over the government and get it straight again. That we needed to do more to help America’s working class citizens instead of taking advantage of them every chance the government could get. Stop raising taxes, come up with a better healthcare system, make housing affordable for everyone, get the government out of our day-to-day lives and let us raise our families with morals and common sense instead of telling us we’d be thrown in jail if we punished our kids by giving them a swat on the backside.

Yup, I said all of that, and more, every chance I got. Gave God an earful of it at least once or twice a month as well. Prayed and prayed that the impossible would one day happen – a normal person, not a politician – would become President and start working to fix everything wrong with America.

My nana always told me to be careful what you wish for, and even more careful what you pray for.

I should have listened to her.

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  1. I was surprised about his victory also. It seemed like the government did everything they could to prevent this. I am really looking forward to see if he keeps his word. This world needs a big change.

  2. I think President Donald Trump will be a good President that knows what the people want. I saw him go and talk to the working class people and ask them what they want and I think he truly listened. I also prayed that we get a good President and I think God listened.

  3. I’m gonna have to disagree that Trump is a normal, working class American. He’s not a politician, but he’s certainly not working class.

  4. Honestly I am glad it’s all over with. Great post, thanks for sharing with us.

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