How Is Technology Hurting Our Health?

There are lots of ways that technology can help our health. From fitness trackers to tracking apps, ‘smart scales’ and new devices and software- tech and healthcare go hand in hand. However, there are a number of ways that technology in our everyday lives can actually cause health problems. Here are some examples, and things you can do to avoid these issues. 

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Headphones are a fantastic gadget. You can pop on an audiobook, your favorite music or watch a video while you’re on public transport or just out and about if you’re bored and at a loose end. The only issue is that many people listen with the volume up far too loud, this can lead to hearing issues like excessive wax, hearing loss and tinnitus- click here for more information. Most modern smartphones have a feature warning you when your headphone volume is up too loud, bear this in mind. 

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A huge majority of people living in developed countries now use smartphones, and there’s no denying how helpful they can be. These little gadgets enable us to connect and chat with others, we can set alarms, record calendar entries, write emails, play games, read books and so much more. There are plenty of great reasons to love your smartphone and no one is suggesting you need to give it up entirely. However, smartphones can cause a number of wellness issues that we can’t overlook.

They can distract us from work and studies, the light from the screen can disrupt our sleep and they can be a way for bullies or criminals to enter our lives and make them hell. Having time away from your phone can be great for overall wellbeing. Instead of reading books on your phone, put it down and pick up a paperback instead. Instead of scrolling through your social media timeline while you watch tv, turn it off and enjoy the movie or show you’re watching. When you’re out with friends, put your phone on silent and put it into your pocket or bag. Engage with the people sat in front of you instead of getting lost in your own little world. 

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Desktop Computers

Many of us now work solely from a computer throughout our workdays, but this can come with a whole host of issues. Sitting for too long has its own set of problems from obesity to poor fitness. It can also cause neck strain, back strain, eye strain, and wrist strain. It can lead to posture problems and general discomfort. Consider a standing desk, or just make the effort to get up and move around throughout the working day. 

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