How Regular Home and Car Maintenance Can Save Your Bacon

Most of us are on board with the idea of saving money. So, when it comes to forking out cash for roof or car maintenance, it can be hard to see how saving money and paying small maintenance fees are connected. But house, car, and appliance problems start off small. And if caught in time and maintained, could save you from more expensive bills or needing to get a roof replaced or a new car bought. As the saying goes, a dollar in time, saves nine.

Here’s where you should be spending money to save money in the long run.

Your House – Roof, Driveway, Walls

Stains in the attic could mean a leaky roof. A leaky roof not fixed immediately could cause mildew and a weakening of your beams and infrastructure. Clear debris away on a weekly basis, or immediately after a storm. If you see that a tile is missing, or loose, fix it immediately. Also, set a regular reminder to clear your gutters, valleys, and downpipes of leaves and other buildup. Clogged gutters will allow water to spill over onto the roof, side, and foundation of the house, causing problems along the way.

Driveway maintenance includes applying sealer when cracks form. Cleaning up oil and grease spills will also keep the concrete from discoloring, which will help your driveway look its best for longer.

Your Car

According to one car accident firm, your car is included in this list of things to maintain. In fact, it is connected to lowering your chances of getting pulled over by the police. The Law Office of Shepherd & Osbourne state, “One way to minimize the chance of … being pulled over altogether is to be sure your car is in proper working order. In other words, don’t drive a jalopy. Jalopies attract unwanted attention. Make sure your headlights and taillights are working. Make sure your muffler doesn’t make your car sound like the runway at Logan airport. A cracked windshield, taillight or missing license plate will get you pulled over every time. Fix up your ride.”

Your HVAC System

HVAC systems can cost from $3,000 to $5,000, depending on the size of your house. And when an HVAC system starts to fail during peak season, no one in your family will be happy. One common problem that can cause HVACs to go on the blink? It happens when filters are not replaced or cleaned. Don’t know where to find your AC filters? Filters are often located in walls, furnaces, or in the back of air conditioning units. Other times, they can be found behind room vents. Other aspects of an HVAC that requires regular cleaning include the AC’s evaporator coil and condenser coil. Keeping your HVAC fine-tuned throughout the year will save you on high repair or replacement costs.

Other Household Appliances

Do you know what the life expectancy of your washing machine is? Or that of your fridge? Or dishwasher? Ever considered how to lengthen that by a couple of years? Because it is possible.

You probably clean the visible parts of your fridge when you see it needs a cleaning. But what about the back? Namely, you should be dusting off the condenser coil, to keep dust build up away. A clean condenser coil equals efficient cooling! So, do not neglect areas that you might not be able to see, but need it regardless. With washing machines, you can take measures to keep the drum in good shape by not overloading it. Empty your pockets before tossing clothes into the washing machine. This will keep coins and other hard objects that strain the motor–out. Dishwashers need cleaning, too. And not doing so can affect how well the dishwasher cleans your dishes.

Add a few maintenance sessions throughout the year, and you can postpone the higher costs of replacement needed otherwise.

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