How to Adapt Your Home for Your Dog

There’s no denying that homes are mostly designed with people in mind. However, there’s still room for them to be adapted to pets too. Pets need their own space and have unique requirements, which can lead you to look into changing your home. You might not make any significant changes when you first get a pet, but eventually you want to make it feel more like home for your new family member. If you have a dog, you can do a few different things to make your home a better place for your four-legged (or occasionally three-legged) friend.

Create Both Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

While some dogs with special needs might spend their time indoors, most dogs also need to get outside. They need plenty of exercise, so you might give your dog a free run of your backyard. But they also enjoy being snuggled up indoors, especially if it’s wet or cold outdoors. Giving your dog both indoor and outdoor spaces that help them feel at home will create a happier dog. Outside, some shelter from the sun and rain can be a good idea. Inside, you could do anything from giving your dog a designated spot or even room to having a dog bed in every room.

Make Going in and Out Easier

Dogs need to be able to go in and out as they please. Sometimes this might mean putting them on their leash and taking them out like that so they can’t run away. But if your dog can use your yard or land as much as he or she wants, you might find yourself letting them in and out all the time. There’s an easy solution to this problem, which is installing a dog kennel door. A pet door can allow your dog to go in and out at any time. However, you can also choose a style that will allow you to lock the door when you want to, so you can control when your dog can go outside.

Have a Dog-cleaning Station

Another issue to consider when your dog goes outdoors is the mess. Dogs are often not shy about getting messy, which can pose a problem when it’s time to come indoors. If your dog is a mud monster, or even if you just sometimes go for walks in the rain, it can be useful to have a little cleaning station. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It could just be a towel and brush by the door so you can wipe your dog’s paws before going inside. But there’s much more that you could add if you want to, especially if you have a mudroom or vestibule that you can use.

How to Adapt Your Home for Your Dog

Ensure Your Home Is Safe

Don’t forget to make your home safe for your dog, both inside and outside. This can include a variety of things. Make sure the perimeter of your home is secure if your dog will be outside off-leash. Check that anything that is dangerous for your dog to eat is safely stored away. Dog-proof your home in the same way you might make it safer for a toddler.

When you make changes to your home for your dog, you can make it a better home for them and you.

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