How to Add Value to a Smaller Home or Apartment Quickly

Maybe you’re hoping to sell your home or apartment in the near future, or maybe you just want to make it a better place to live while raising the value in the process. Either way, there are steps you can take — but it’s tough when you’re working with a small property. What can you do when the prospects for renovation are limited by a significant lack of space?

In this post, we’re going to take you through some core tips for how you can add value to a smaller home or apartment, with a focus on options that you can implement quickly. You can try just one of them, or you can make a grand effort to run with all of them. Let’s get to them.

Optimize the Lighting

Something vital to remember is that adding value to a home isn’t just about raising the standard market valuation. Such a valuation is inevitably the product of a simple calculation taking basic factors (such as the number of bedrooms) into account and disregarding unique details and has limited bearing on what buyers are willing to pay — in other words, the true property value.

Alongside this, we must consider the rise of online real-estate services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Buyers don’t need to use newspaper listings and in-person visits to relevant places. They can use everything from mortgage brokers like Breezeful to listing sites like Zillow to get things done without needing to go anywhere.

This leads us to the first suggestion: optimize the lighting. Whether you’re adding a new lighting system, repainting a room, or putting up a full-length wall mirror, there are various things you can do to change how your house or apartment looks — and that’ll come across in the photos you take to put on listing sites. A place that looks inviting will pick up much more interest.

Upgrade the Windows

Old windows are often dirty, scratched, and inefficient when it comes to temperature control. The good thing about upgrading windows is that it doesn’t take very long: you may need to wait until a contractor can schedule work, but actually putting in a new window can be done in a day. 

Furthermore, you should consider going bigger with your new windows. Through using thinner frames and different designs (and even expanding the gaps in the walls if possible), you can allow in much more light and make your space feel much bigger.

Overhaul the Bathroom

Having a boring bathroom is one of the worst mistakes to make inside a smaller home or apartment, as custom bathrooms offer far more appeal and attraction. The quiet sense of luxury that you experience inside the ensuite of a 5-star hotel room can easily be recreated inside your home, and it doesn’t cost as much as you might expect to totally overhaul your bathroom.

The quality of your bathroom will make a huge difference, and you don’t need a complete renovation to change the feel of a bathroom. By concentrating on the most important elements, you can make some key improvements very quickly (and sometimes inexpensively). Take the shower, for instance. A great shower can make a bathroom feel luxurious, and making a shower great can be as simple as swapping out the head and replacing the curtain.

You can also bolster the utility of the bathroom by adding new storage options and generally rearranging things as much as you can without needing to adjust pipework. Someone who forms an interest in the property will do so based on their superficial impressions, so the underlying architecture of the room is less important than how it looks.

Throw in a new wooden toilet seat, an improved towel rail, new vinyl flooring, and a fresh coat of paint, and your bathroom will look like a whole new area without requiring any complicated structural renovations like repiping or rewiring. It’s a superb way to impress prospective buyers.

Take Technology To A Whole New Level 

Last but by no means least, it can be extremely beneficial to take your smaller home or apartment technology to a whole new level if you want to add value to the property quickly. Take the kitchen, for example; you can invest in a full set of super modern electronics and devices that transform your cooking experience, and this is sure to catch the eye of a potential buyer. Upgrading your entertainment space to include more innovative and exciting technology can further increase the price tag of your property, so indulging in a cinema-style television setup might just be the perfect option to explore. Many people actively seek out next-generation homes that are already adapted to suit their lifestyle, so you’ll be appealing to a whole new market that’s ready to spend a fortune!

If you’re ready to add value to your smaller home or apartment fast, then there’s no time like the present to explore the innovative ideas detailed above.

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