How To Be a Self-Assured Mom

The modern world seems to be pulling us in nine directions at once. One person says this, and another contradicts it. Articles come out all the time that seem to say the opposite of what was announced two months ago. All this is confusing and can make life more difficult. We do not know which way to turn and what is best for our children.

The truth is that there is no right answer to being a Mom, wife, friend, relative, anything.

Every person is different and what works for one is in no way guaranteed to work for another. The best thing any person can do is to sit back and take stock of who they are and focus on their best way forward. However, even that time is difficult to find in the ever continually moving world, but time for yourself is not only necessary, but it is also vital for positive mental health. Anyway, here are a few tips to help you become a more self-assured Mom.

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Time Out To Focus

You must find ten minutes a day to relax and forget about the crazy world out there. Ten minutes to be completely alone, with no distractions. That means turning off your phone and all other communications devices. Sit and completely relax, allow the world to melt away. Some people find a little meditation to be of help.

However, if that is not for you, try and get your life into focus. What is important? What can you cut out to save yourself time, and give you more quality time with the children and partner? If you can allow yourself a few minutes a day, you will find the answers slowly bubble their way to the surface of your mind. You will feel happier for it, honestly!


A lot of people find that if they can work on the way they look, they become more confident. More confidence is great as it enables you to make better decisions faster. If there is anything you know you should do, such as more exercise, or eat healthier, you should begin today. There is no other time than the present, and the longer you leave things, the worse it will be.

Family Time

Whatever is going on out there, you need to send a few minutes each day talking to your children one on one. Whether it is about their first day at daycare or something more serious. They need to know you are there for them and have their back. If anything is going on in their lives, it is in these moments to will find out. Perhaps you could do this for five or ten minutes in the morning as they wake, or at night before they sleep.

Storytime is a great idea to connect with children. Ensure you have family meals around the table, and encourage conversation and ban mobile devices. This will build healthy habits as they grow up. Also, have family outings where everyone comes along. All this builds a team atmosphere within the family unit. 

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