How to Build a Fragrance Wardrobe

A fragrance wardrobe is what it sounds like; it is your own collection of various scents that you can wear from one day to the next, switching between them as you like. You might, for example, have a particular fragrance for date night, another for having fun with your friends, and another for professional events and daily work. But how can you go about building the right fragrance wardrobe? Check out the tips below.

fragrance wardrobe

First Off, Shop Smart

Let’s face it, fragrances aren’t always affordable, so building a fragrance wardrobe can quickly become pricey. You might even find yourself restricted by your budget, causing you to sacrifice certain scents that you would otherwise love to have in your collection. The solution? Shop smarter by browsing the top fragrances online. You could, for example, easily shop women’s fragrance online once you know what scents you prefer, and you could save money and time by doing so because you won’t even have to leave the house.

Start with Classic Fragrances That Never Go Out of Style

When you are ready to begin building your fragrance wardrobe, a good place to start is the classic scents that everyone loves, and that smell good on just about everyone. For example, you can get a nice floral fragrance, along with a woody blend and a citrus scent. Aim for a mix of rich scents and lighter, airy fragrances so that you have a lot of options for a wide variety of activities. This is a great way to switch up how you smell, depending on your mood and what you’re up to, and you can do it all with just three fragrances before adding more to your collection.

A Breakdown to Help You Narrow Down Your Choices

Here’s a breakdown of fragrance categories to help you figure out which scents would be most appealing to you:

Woody fragrances, also referred to as green scents, are great if you love the fall season and the holidays. Sandalwood and cedar are wonderful examples, and they’re great for people who love the smell of nature. On the other hand, fruity and citrusy fragrances are great for people who love the summer season, and if you love the smell of fresh fruits and clean fabrics like linen and cotton.

Think you might like floral fragrances? Well, these are ideal for individuals who enjoy the smell of the spring season, and they’re also ideal for those who love the outdoors. But if you prefer wintery scents, such as the smell of a warm fireplace, incense, and candles, opt for fragrances that fall into the category referred to as oriental. When building your fragrance wardrobe, be sure to take your time as you pick the scents that compliment you best.

Spray a fragrance directly onto your skin and smell it intermittently throughout the day to see how it changes as you move and sweat, and as the deeper notes start to come through. Before long, you will know what perfumes smell best on you, and that will guide you towards the ideal collection of fragrances.

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