How to Choose the Right Restaurant Booth and Organize Your Seating

There are various reasons that lead to the choosing of booths as the seating options in a restaurant, paired with the requests from the customers; this is one of the perfect seating layouts for a restaurant. Choosing the right restaurant booth for your establishment can be baffling simply because of the number of options that are thrown at you when you try to pick one. There are different materials, styles, as well as a variety of restaurant booth dimensions to choose from. This article will help you understand restaurant booths and also help in organizing your seating plan.

The different types of booth that are available in the market.

There are six different types of booths that you can look up or choose from when you are planning a booth set up for your restaurant, addressing different comfort and spacing issues. These are as follows:

types of restaurant booths

1.      The single booth: offering more room than a chair is a comfortable option for patrons, and almost every time will be chosen when presented as an option between a chair and a booth. These can double as storage spaces and require less space than a similar setup made with chairs and a table.

2.      The double booth: put two singles back-to-back, and you get a double booth, this is the perfect way to save space and maximize the number of seating capacity. A double restaurant booth can seat four people, two side by side and an additional two back-to-back.

3.      A wall bench: this is more of a custom-designed as per the requirements of a restaurant, and the dimensions can vary accordingly, there is no standard dimension for a wall bench. It is used with chairs to offer a combination of temporary and fixed seating for a large group away from most customers.

4.      L shape booths: used in corners to utilize every inch of precious real estate; this is one way to make sure that no inch of space is left unused. It is also a great option to be used in tight spaces as they can provide extra space while making use of the area that would otherwise have been left out.

5.      Half-circle booths: giving patrons a cozier experience this is one of the best and most sought-after dining setups in a restaurant. It is one of the best ways to maximize the efficiency of service as the team managing the restaurant floors have to serve only from one side and not move around the whole table. This also instills a sense of safety and privacy in the diners as they do not have to worry about human traffic or projectiles coming in from all directions.

6.      3/4 circle booths: this is the setup that offers the most private experience of dining in a restaurant and can almost seem like a small room. It provides a tranquil dining experience as the enclosed space muffles sound transmissions and is perfect for hosting meetings or private gatherings.

You can work out a combination of different seating options to maximize the usage of your restaurant floor while offering one of the finest experiences to your patrons. Now go out there and make your dream happen!

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