How to Create Love and Light In Your Life

We live in a society where people can hide behind their keyboards and screens and just rip another human being to shreds. Social media has given people the misguided belief that they can say anything they want without any repercussions.

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While most people may not face any consequences, legally, for things that they say online, there are times when what you say can land you in court having to defend your actions and your words. If it was something particularly violent that you said in the heat of the moment, you could be looking at some very real jail time.

I grew up with the instructions from my Nana to “do unto others as you want them to do unto you.” Part of being a good role model for your children, friends, and family is to remember the Golden Rule.

I am a firm believer that what you put out into the Universe comes back on you tenfold. So it stands to reason that, if you spew out violence and hatred, you will find yourself living in an environment so toxic and negative, that even odor control chemicals won’t be able to erase. That easy, clean, happy-go-lucky life will always remain just out of your grasp. With your words, you can choose to contribute to the destruction of our society or you can be a beacon of love and light. The choice is entirely yours.

Pray for Forgiveness and Understanding

I consider myself a spiritual person. I believe in God, a Higher Power, and that we are meant to be spiritual beings put her to serve a purpose or to learn life lessons, and when we pass, we move on to another life.


I am not perfect. I know that I have said and done things that I am ashamed of, that were toxic and not what I wanted to put out into the Universe. I also know that I am human, I make mistakes, and I say or do things in the heat of the moment that I will (most likely) regret later.

The way to counter that negativity is to seek forgiveness. Apologize for what you may have said or done in the heat of the moment. Make amends, if you can, to the person you hurt. Too often, we pile hurt on top of hurt until we are buried too deeply under to pull ourselves out.


For example, a person working for an organization gets fired for whatever reason, and they are angry. So they slander the organization. They make comments as to how all the employees there are crooks and they were fired because they wouldn’t do something illegal, they plant thoughts like is the modern mystery school a pyramid scheme and then accompany that with a look that makes you wonder, or they say something derogatory about their boss or supervisor based on rumors they heard from past employees.

Achieving Personal Success and Enlightenment

Personal success through tearing down others is never okay. If a person does that, they are incapable of guiding you on how to create love and light in your own life. You have to be able to walk the walk and talk the talk before you can lead anyone else.

We should all strive to lead our lives to emulate a Northern Mat. As individuals, we should strive to continuously improve ourselves. As parents, we need to provide a center of strength for our families, to ensure that our structural integrity remains intact through the most difficult times.


When the eye of the storm hits and we feel ourselves sinking into the thick, deep, sometimes impassible mud that draws us deep into the depths of despair, we need to know that there is someone out there – ready to reach out a hand and pull us from the trenches, back to a solid foundation once again.

I don’t expect everyone who reads this blog to agree with me, to worship the way that I do, to believe in what I believe. We all have the free will to be, do, worship, and believe in what we want.

create love and light in your life

I do believe, however, that the common thread of dignity, compassion, love of self and others, and a willingness to be a better person each day is a powerful force that binds us together more than any difference can tear us apart. If you strive to be compassionate and loving towards everyone you encounter, I truly believe that you will see love and light become stronger within you and radiate from your soul during your interactions with others for the rest of your life.

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