How to Enhance the Beauty of Your Mugs

There are a plethora of stylish and designed mugs available on the market but tea and coffee lovers always find ways to improve how their mugs look.

Customize Your Coffee or Tea Mug

There are many things you can do to enhance the beauty of your mugs and make them look amazing.

You can have your picture printed, you name carved on it and so much more to transform your mugs into a thing of beauty. All you need to do is wake up the creative person in you and follow these ways to beautify and enhance your mugs.

Paint Them

Hand painted mugs are a great sight to watch and drink from. All you need is a plain porcelain mug and china paint because it is exclusively used to paint on ceramic items.

Wipe the mug nicely, grab tiny brushes or broader ones, depending on how you want to paint it. If you want to add just some fun elements to the mug then you can paint a mustache or a mouth at the very edge of the mug. If you have even the tiniest bit of painting skills then you can watch tutorials on YouTube and try it yourself because it is an easy process.

Hand Painted Mugs

To take things to the next level you can paint the entire mug with different patterns and colors. The correct way to do this is to first draw outlines from a thin brush and trace afterward. This way, there’ll be less chances of things going wrong.

After you’re done painting, you can put the mug in the oven after you use it and let it cool for a day. A dishwasher isn’t a good idea to let the paint dry as it can spoil it. 

Get Customized Photos

Another great way to make your mugs beautiful is to get your photos printed on them.

No one wants to start off their mornings holding an old stained mug. You can ditch your old mug and go for something creative. A nice option is to print your memorable photos. This way whenever you pick the mug, some nice memories will hit you. This can also serve as a nice gift for everyone.

How to Enhance the Beauty of Your Mugs

Moreover, other things can get printed as well, such as a lovely message or your favorite quote. To be honest, the sky’s the limit thanks to this technology. However, remember that images can be printed only on specific mugs so make sure to buy the right mug otherwise you may not get what you want. Your best bet would be to let the printing company use their own mug.

Use Koozies

One of the greatest ways to enhance your company’s brand and image is to have custom koozies no minimum imprinted onto the mugs of every staff member. It does not only promote your company name but also raises the standard of your company and leaves off a good impression when an outsider sees it.

You can choose from funky fonts and custom artwork to design you koozies according to your company’s color theme and logo. You can also have a slogan printed onto the mugs.

Another great time to have custom koozies on mugs is on reunions. When you are arranging a college reunion, it’s a great way to make the memories come alive. You can print your college’s name or your college’s football team.

You can also have custom koozies printed on mugs for trade shows. They are a great way to market your brand. You can gift personalized mugs to participants who visit your booth so that they remember your company’s products whenever they drink from the mug at home.

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