How to Feel More Confident When You Look In The Mirror

There are very few people in the world who feel beautiful every time they look in the mirror. Even the world’s biggest supermodels will instantly zoom in on whatever flaws they perceive in their features – so what hope do we as normal people have when we look at our reflections? Here are some tips on how you can feel more confident in your body and your appearance.

Get Out and Exercise
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Get Out And Exercise

Instead of focusing on what your body looks like, it’s time to focus on what it can do. Maybe you have a rounded stomach because you had a baby or because you’re going through IVF treatments – or maybe it’s because you love cookies, or you were born that way! Maybe you have a double or triple chin, cellulite on your thighs, knobbly knees… No matter what you look like, it’s time to focus on what your body can do. The best way to do that is to start moving more.

A lot of us have inactive jobs in front of computer screens in offices, and if that’s you, why not take a walk around the block at lunch? Join your local gym and try out some of the classes during your trial, go swimming at your local pool, borrow your neighbor’s dog a few times a week for a walk. Try out some Yoga With Adriene videos and marvel in the beauty of your body, its suppleness, its flexibility. You may get more toned as you exercise but you’ll also feel more fit and comfortable in your skin.

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Change What You Want

Remember that changing things about your appearance is absolutely fine. People sometimes look down on those who have had plastic surgery, but that’s their problem. If you have an underbite and you want to fix it, what about oral and maxillofacial surgery? If you have a bump in your nose, a nose job is fine. Adult braces are also a-okay if you’ve never liked your teeth. Give home microdermabrasion a try.

You are an adult, you make your own money, you can do what you want with it. Changing your appearance through surgery isn’t shallow. It is vital that you do what you want in this life in order to live it to its fullest, and there is no shame about changing something that you are insecure about. 

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

Speak Lovingly To Yourself

Finally, it’s time to start speaking more kindly to yourself. We are conditioned as women to reject compliments, to say ‘Oh, this? It’s just some old thing’ about brand new dresses that we adore, to be modest at all times, to put ourselves down. Instead, start speaking about yourself with love, as you would with a friend. After all, we are our own best friends our entire lives, and we need to start acting that way. There is beauty in your scars and your stretch marks, the roadmaps of your life. Smile at your reflection and treat yourself with kindness and love – you deserve love from others and you deserve it from yourself just as much.

Treating yourself with kindness is the best way to feel more confident when you check out your gorgeous reflection.

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