How to Find the Best Commercial Electricians

Commercial electricians are available for the electrical needs of your business. How do you know how to find one that is certified, licensed and insured?  What can you do to find out if the electrician is reliable and has the right skills to tackle your project?  

Read on to find out the importance of choosing a commercial electrician that offers reliable and competent services.  You can check also for affordable electric services – Bay State Electric Inc. to see if the quality of service is the same as those that charge more for these services.

Licensed, Insured and Bonded

Hiring an electrician who is licensed, insured and bonded is important because it protects your rights as a consumer. A licensed electrician is someone who has completed proper and adequate training in this field and has the experience to complete the job professionally and successfully. Once licensed, the electrician is now qualified to obtain the required insurance to work in this field.

Electricians have to pay a bond, which allows them to obtain the license to work professionally.  This bond is accessible to consumers to cover the charges for damages should the electrician aborts the job before completing it.

The insurance from the electrician covers the work they will do on your property. Therefore, if there is an accident both the electrician and you, the customer, are covered for adequate compensation.

Training and Certification

Reputable commercial electricians while having achieved the minimum training and experience necessary for licensing, also try to keep abreast of the latest professional knowledge available and maintain a high performance throughout their professions. They are committed to ongoing training to advance and improve their skills.

Finding Quality Electricians

There are certification providers who offer certification services. These certification providers are ideal resources with databases consisting of qualified electricians in different fields of practice so you can select the one best suited to your needs.

In addition, online search, customer reviews, word of mouth referrals and directories are ideal sources to find the best commercial electrician for your hire.

Check Websites

You can find out about the commercial electricians by checking their websites. Their websites will have information about their qualifications, certifications, trainings and credentials. You should be able to see information about the electrical services they provide, contact information, previous projects and customer reviews.

Verify License and Certificates of Insurance

It would be very foolish if you go ahead and hire a commercial electrician without verifying their license and insurance. The fact that you have seen great reviews or heard word of mouth recommendations about the electrician is no guarantee of their competencies.  You still need to personally verify their credentials. Your personal verification of their credentials will help prevent you from becoming a victim of hiring unlicensed and uninsured commercial electricians.

You can easily check the legality of any electrician’s license and insurance by asking for it. Once they are qualified, they will not hesitate to show you the evidence because they know they are operating legitimately.

You can also check the state licensing board in your region to provide you with this information, since they would have evidence of this. Whatever you do, ensure to make the necessary checks so you won’t regret your decision.

Check this to learn how to verify an electrician’s license:

See Reviews and Check References

Another way to get information about the services and performance of electricians is to search online for reviews. Although reviews can be very useful, they sometimes do not offer a transparent or honest point of view.  Therefore, you need to ask your commercial electrician for references from previous clients, especially if you intend to embark on further broad based venture with them. This will provide you with a more detailed account of the electrician’s performance on jobs related to yours.


Like other professionals, great electricians are never satisfied with basic training. Reliable, quality commercial electricians will seek ongoing training to get them more qualified to perform in their field. Ensure you ask your electrician about the extent of their training or check their websites to get this information.

It is not difficult to choose a reputable electrician for your next commercial electrical project, especially when you know where to look. Use the information listed here to help you find electricians whose credentials show that they are trained, insured, licensed and bonded. 

It is your business; therefore, ensure you make the right decision in identifying the right electrician for your project.

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