How to Get More People To Follow Your Blog on Social Media

As a blogger, there is nothing more FRUSTRATING than pouring your heart and soul into your blog, providing content that you know your readers will find useful, and then – nothing. No shares, no comments, no likes – just the sound of crickets chirping in the background.

When it comes to getting more followers on social media, there are some universal tactics that you can use regardless of which social networks you use. Here are some tips that can help you increase your follower count!

Follow Other People or Businesses

One of the best ways to get people to notice your account is by following them. Look for accounts that are related to your industry and follow or like them on all of your favorite social networks. In many cases, they will follow you in return.

Use Email Marketing to Advertise Your Accounts on Social Media

If you have a newsletter or email marketing list, make sure to prominently feature your social media accounts in the emails that you send out.

Give Away a Prize

Most people love participating in contests where they can win a prize. You can take advantage of this by using contest-related apps that are designed to help you build followers. Typically, these apps require people to follow you on social media in order to enter whatever contest you are running. You may even be able to get the prize for your contest donated by working in conjunction with a company in a related industry.

Use a Hello Bar to Drive More Visitors to Your Social Networking Profiles

A Hello Bar is a free tool that allows you to create a strip across the top of your site with a call to action for your visitors to follow you on social media. This can be a great way to get their attention when they first land on your site. You can periodically change the social media accounts that you are featuring so that you can gain followers on all of the major platforms.

Use the Signature in Your Emails to Build Your Following

Make it easy for people to follow you by including your favorite social media accounts in your email signature.

Use Questions to Keep Your Followers Active

Instead of talking at your followers, try to get them involved by asking them questions. If your questions are interesting enough, they can even help you gain new followers.

Increasing Instagram Followers

Despite the fact that it is relatively new, Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most popular social networking sites. Young people, in particular, are drawn to this image-sharing site. Here are some tips for building your following on this site:

Post Content That Centers Around a Theme

Avoid posting random images that have nothing to do with each other. Instead, focus on choosing images that center around a tight theme. By being consistent with the types of images that you post, you can find followers who are truly interested in your content.

Use Hashtags to Your Advantage

Hashtagging your images can help get them in front of more viewers. Figure out which hashtags are most relevant to the image that you are sharing and to your industry as a whole to draw in new followers.

Encourage Your Current Followers to Tag Their Friends

If you are holding a contest or an upcoming event, ask your followers to tag anyone that they know who may be interested.

Like Other People’s Content

Browse hashtags that are related to your industry and like any photos that catch your eye. This can encourage more people to look at your profile. As a result, you may be able to gain more followers. Buying Instagram views can be a good way to make your own imagery look more popular and in turn encourage more people to like it, but I don’t recommend it. Brands are looking for active interactions – buying followers does not necessarily mean that they will interact with your site. The best way to increase your Instagram follower growth is to be active on the platform and interact with others.

Work With The Owners Of Relevant Accounts

Reach out to accounts that are similar to your own or that are in a closely related industry to see if they want to collaborate to get more followers. Holding a contest or a challenge that requires followers to check in each day can be a great way to get people involved and to help them notice your profiles. By leveraging each other’s followers, both you and the accounts that you collaborate with can grow.

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