How To Get On Top Of Household Chores When Life Is Chaotic

Life can often get chaotic, which is why your home will often fall into disrepair. It’s important to try and stay on top of household chores in order to come back to something that will relax you and help you unwind.

While life can be busy at times, staying grounded in your home is key. Here are some tips for getting on top of household chores when life is chaotic. 

Take Care of Time-Sensitive Tasks

There are going to be tasks around the home that are time-sensitive. For example, before the fall and winter months hit, you’ll probably want to get your heating systems checked and booked in with an engineer. 

This is beneficial because the cooler months of the year will tend to be the busiest for annual checks and if your heating system decides to fail and you didn’t get it checked – you’ll likely be kicking yourself.

Stay on top of time-sensitive issues and make a list so that you can prioritize what needs to be done first.

Create a 5 to 10 Minute Window for Express Cleaning

Where you can, set your timer to five, ten, or fifteen minutes and use these minutes exclusively for cleaning only. You might only be able to do this a couple of times a day but you’ll find that in general, at the end of the day, your home is in a much better situation than it was previously.

It can be fun and a bit of a challenge to try and get as much of the cleaning done as you can within such a short window of time. Try it!

Get The Whole Household Involved

Everyone lives in the home and when it comes to chipping into household chores, it’s often one or both parents who are doing the majority of it. Providing they’re old enough to be able to clean, you should be including everyone within the household.

Even if it’s tidying away their own spaces, these extra helping hands can make a big difference to how the home looks at the end of the week. The last thing you want is to go into the weekend, needing to allocate it to cleaning.

Consider Hiring a Professional

If life gets too busy and you have the disposable income to do so, you might want to consider hiring some extra help. A residential cleaner might be a good idea whether you need a one-off deep clean every month or you like having a cleaner come in every week to lend a helping hand.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up If You Don’t Do Everything

Finally, it’s important to remember that we all only have so many hours in the day, with some having more help available than others. Don’t start beating yourself up over some extra dishes or washing you left lying around until the following morning. Try to do what you can, the rest can wait until the following day.

These tips are great for helping you get on top of the chores so you can feel happier in your home.

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