How to Get Your Kids More EXCITED About SCHOOL

Are you a parent of a school-aged child? If so, do you find more often than not your mornings begin with drama, arguments, and a whole lot of stalling where heading out the door to school is concerned? If so, it’s important to know you’re not alone, as many parents share those same types of mornings. Wouldn’t it be great instead of dreading school the kids actually looked forward to going and got excited for the school day? Sometimes all it takes is a few small adjustments in order to see changes in their mindset and look at school in a much more positive light.

If you’re tired of the morning drama, here are some ways you may be able to get the kids more excited about school and enjoy much smoother morning routines.

Take the Stress Out of the Morning Routine

The first step is to take the stress out of the morning routine. That feeling of being rushed and in panic mode to get ready and out the door just starts everyone’s day on a negative note. There are a few ways you can reduce the stress in the mornings. These include:

  • Having kids choose their outfit the night before
  • Packing lunches the night before
  • Getting kids to have their backpack packed with all the essential items the night before
  • If they bring them home each day, make sure their daycare cots are at the front door to grab and go
  • Making sure anything that needs to be looked at and signed by you isn’t left until the morning
  • Make sure they have enough time to eat a healthy well-balanced breakfast
  • Try waking them up a little earlier so you have more time for the morning routine

Stock Up on Fun and Cool School Supplies

While it may not seem like a big deal to you, the fact is that if kids have some fun and cool school supplies to pull out of their knapsack, that alone can make their day a whole lot better. 

You can find things like unique and fun pencil cases, cute kids stationery, cool notebooks, and plenty more by shopping online at Smudge Stationery. You can check out their “what’s hot” section for all the latest trending school supplies that your child will actually look forward to using. You can even let your kids choose the styles and themes they like to ensure that it’s something they will be excited about.

Take an Active Interest in Their Schooling

It’s also important that you are engaged in their schooling by asking questions, offering help with school work whenever needed, and just keeping the lines of communication open. You want to be sure that if there is anything stressing them out at school they talk to you about it so you can deal with it together in a timely manner. The more positive the experience they have at school, the more they will look forward to their day.

Simple Small Steps Make a Difference

While each of these steps is relatively small, the fact is that they can all help to get kids more excited about school and start to see it in a positive light. Here’s to some peaceful mornings my fellow parents!

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