How to Help Look After Sensitive Teeth

When it comes to your teeth, you only get the one set once you lose the baby ones. And a lot of what we eat and drink can impact the quality or health of our teeth. With that in mind, here are some tips to help look after sensitive teeth.

Use The Right Toothpaste

Using the right toothpaste can be very important because certain ones will have ingredients in them that will aid the painful feeling of sensitivity, and some will, in fact, make it much worse. Make sure you ask your dentist for recommendations, but it’s worth it to do some of your own research and trial and error to find which ones work best for you. Make sure that when you’re using toothpaste that you are using a suitable amount. A pea-sized version is for children, whereas your toothpaste should be going the length of the whole brush part as an adult.

See A Dentist Regularly

A dentist is a great way of getting professional advice on looking after your teeth and making sure that what you’ve done up until now is the best for your teeth. They may recommend getting certain work done as you go through life. It could be dental implants or having a professional hygiene wash over your teeth. Seeing a dentist regularly is recommended, and without one, you could be causing further harm to your teeth if you’re not careful. Get it logged into your diary and ensure you book your next appointment each time you go in so that you don’t forget.

Floss And Mouthwash

Brushing your teeth will only do so much when it comes to removing all the bacteria and food within your teeth and on the surface of your tongue and gums. Flossing is a great way of going in between your teeth where bristles can’t and getting rid of any food that’s stuck. With mouthwash, it’s great to use to disinfect your entire mouth completely. Use these two along with brushing twice or three times a day, and you should notice a reduction in that sensitivity.

Avoid Certain Food That’s Bad

There will always be certain foods that are bad for you to eat, whether it’s to do with your physical health or because it can do general wear and tear to other parts of the body. Things like coffee, fizzy drinks, and acidic foods can all take a crack at the enamel on your teeth. Coffee and tea can also yellow or stain your teeth, just like smoking does. So try to avoid certain foods where you can and be sure to be extra mindful when it comes to eating or drinking these things. Try to brush or wash it out of your mouth with water at the very least. That way, you reduce the impact it will cause.

Looking after sensitive teeth takes a little more care, so use these tips to help reduce the pain and uncomfortable feeling of that sensitivity we feel with our teeth.

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