How to Hone Your Social Media Feeds

How many people do you know without at least one social media account? One? Two? None? Most people have at least a Facebook or a Twitter account, and many people have a few more than that. But you’re a busy parent, and while it can be fun to browse social media, you don’t have a lot of time for it. Instead of logging in and flicking through a bunch of content you don’t care about, take some time to hone and curate your feeds. That way, when you do give precious time to browsing social media, you’ll see topics and links you care about.

Block Sites on Facebook

Many people use Facebook as a way to keep up with family and friends, not as a news source or a gossip site. You don’t have to unfollow every person who posts the occasional news article. Instead, simply block that site from your Facebook feed. Click on the little “v” in the top right corner of a post. Choose the “hide all” option for that website, and voila! You won’t see any posts from that site, including what your friends share. Use this technique to rid your Facebook feed of news, celebrity gossip, animal videos, or anything else you don’t want to see. Naturally, we know you won’t want to block us!

How to Hone Your Social Media Feeds
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Unfollow People When You Must

The unfollow feature in Facebook is genius, but sometimes you feel guilty unfollowing people, like close friends and family members. You are not obligated to “like” every picture of your sister’s new baby or every fitness post your cousin makes. Honestly, you don’t even have to look at them if you don’t want to. If someone makes too many political posts or has to take a picture of every single meal, unfollow without guilt if you please. Reader’s Digest reports some negative effects social media has on your thoughts, so don’t feel bad about making it a better experience.

Save Hashtags in Twitter

Unless you have a lot of time to kill on Twitter, checking your feed is an overwhelming experience. Instead of sifting through hours of tweets and possibly missing something, save a few of your favorite hashtags in your Twitter app. That way, you can go directly to the tweets on that topic. Don’t forget to check your ‘@’replies in case someone wants to talk to you directly. Otherwise, feel free to ignore the general noise in favor of your hashtags.

Follow Content That Interests You

Curating your social media feeds also centers around following content you want to see, not just getting rid of the things you don’t want. What makes you happy? Forget what you think you “should” be looking at, like the news, and think about the topics that would brighten your day or give you links you’ll actually click on. Love seeing animal facts and videos? Go for Awesome Animals. Want some business inspiration? Try the Amway Twitter feed. Addicted to celebrity gossip? Perez Hilton is your go-to.

Delete Social Media You Never Use

These days even parents have Snapchat, and Instagram, and an entire host of fitness or hobby apps. Do you really need that many? How often do you use them? If you find yourself avoiding any social media apps, whether it’s because you dislike using them, you don’t enjoy the content, or you simply forget you have them, just get rid of them. Try to only use these sites if you enjoy them, not because everyone you know has an account or you’re afraid you’ll miss something.

Social media can connect you with topics and people that enrich your life, or it can waste your time. It all depends on how you choose to use it and understanding the latest internet statistics. So if you’d rather not have your bathroom break or the five minutes while your kids are quiet ruined by tons of Facebook posts about politicians you don’t like, fix your feeds.

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