How to Keep Your Home Pest and Disease Free

With the change of seasons right around the corner, so will pests and insects frequently pop into your home. You have probably already noticed that spiders, rats, and cockroaches become increasingly active in your home in the months during the changing seasons. They are not only annoying but also create an unsanitary environment. Pest droppings can cause the spread of diseases. Besides, they result in a lot of food wastage. Unfortunately, when you notice a pest, it is often too late, and you can trace it to some enormous damage done. Therefore, it is wise to deal with the problem before it gets out of hand. Below are some ways you can keep your home pest-free.

1. Clean Up Your Place Regularly

Ever wondered why everyone associates rodents, cockroaches, and other pests to unclean homes? These pests thrive in such environments. One way to keep them away is by ensuring your place remains tidy by cleaning up daily. A deep clean of your home will remove dust, food particles, and anything else that might attract nuisances into your house. It will also make for a healthier environment for you and your family. 

2. Declutter Your Home

Stocked up debris or even wood piles are a sure way of opening your door to pest. Pests often take refuge in dark areas of your home. Storing up such items in your home creates an inviting environment for pests and insects. Thus, you must declutter and get rid of clumped up objects.

3. Use Repellants

Most insects will flee from the strong scent of repellants. These repellants can come in the form of powder, spray, capsules, or ultrasonic deterrent products.  There are also gadgets that will use ionic technology, which claims to clear the atmosphere of all kinds of bugs and pests too. However, the application of some repellants requires professionals. If you reside in West Palm Beach contact pest control West Palm Beach, they are well equipped to eliminate pests without exposing toxic chemicals to your kids or pets.

4. Avoid Damp Areas

Nothing attracts pests into your place than when you keep the air stuffy for long. Insects thrive in humid and warm areas of your home when seeking shelter from the cold outside. You should ensure that your kitchen and bathroom windows remain open during the day. That way, you will avoid dampness in your home.  

5. Seal the Cracks

The cracks and crevices in your home provide a perfect breeding ground for insects as they are dark and humid. The offer great hiding spots for insects during the day that later wreak havoc at night. The only solution is to seal the gaps in your wall, windows, or any other cracks where insects may hide in.

6. Regular Cleaning of Your Pet

Pests may stick onto your dog when playing outside. For instance, fleas and other bugs often infest dogs and cats. The pests will then eventually spread out in your entire home. The worst part is that most of these pests cause diseases in human beings. Thus, it necessitates regular treatment of your pet and cleaning it.


Dealing with pest problems isn’t fun. They say, prevention is better than cure. When you put the above practices into use you will keep these troublesome animals away from your home, allowing you to enjoy a clean and pest-free home.

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