How to Make a Statement with Your Bathroom

There are certain rooms in the house that we want to stand out more than others. The kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, and the bathroom are the most important, and it’s these areas we work hard to ensure they’re just right. Yet while most people know how to make the first three rooms on point, they sometimes fall short with the bathroom, which is, admittedly, sometimes difficult to get right. When your primary consideration is practicality, the aesthetic credentials of the room can sometimes be overlooked. But if you’re looking to make a statement with your bathroom, then fear not, because we’re on hand to help. Below, we take a look at some tried and tested methods for bringing your bathroom to life.

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Choose a Style

First thing’s first: what time of style are you looking for? There are multiple ways you go with your bathroom, but the most popular styles are modern and vintage. They both have their benefits and drawbacks, so it mostly comes down to personal preference and the decor of the rest of the home. You don’t need to be entirely “all in” when it comes to your style (you can mix and match somewhat, not everything in a vintage bathroom has to be old), but it should form the core style of your bathroom.

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Let There Be Light

There’s something to be said for creating a cozy little bathroom space, but don’t just focus on your artificial lighting. Take a look at letting in as much natural lighting as possible to your bathroom. It’s much more enjoyable to get ready on a summer’s morning with the sunlight pouring through the window and filling the room. If you’re only getting limited natural light as it stands, then consider making the walls white (they’ll reflect the light around the room), and also moving any heavy duty furniture away from the window — they’ll just suck up the rays that make it through.

Add Some Greenery

Not enough people think to add some color to the bathrooms, but why not? Plants make for an excellent addition to any bathroom. For starters, they’re a bit different yet always welcome — no-one ever criticizes the presence of plants in a home, wherever they may be. Second, they’ll add to the overall fresh feel of your bathroom. A clean bathroom that’s humid and full of plants will be a joy to spend time in.

Washing Options

There are certain things you’ll need to have in your bathroom. Let’s keep in mind that this area of the home should be practical first, aesthetically pleasing second. But there are ways for the functional and the picturesque to overlap, and, indeed, it’s a great way to make a statement. Think about your washing options.

Rather than a traditional bathtub that’s built into the wall on one side, look at freestanding pedestal bathtubs; they offer a distinct style to a bathroom that will make yours stand out from the crowd. If your less a bath person, more a shower fan, then go for the rain shower option. It’s a game-changer when it comes to the overall look and feel of your bathroom, giving it a much-needed boost in the luxury department.

Make it Spacious

There’s only so good a bathroom can be when it’s overly cramped and cluttered. As such, one of the strongest changes you can make to your bathroom is to give it a touch of the minimalist treatment. This means clearing away anything that doesn’t need to be there (even towels and so on can be stored on the landing), and making it as light and spacious as possible. The aim is to make your bathroom feel as relaxing and calming as possible. A bathroom that’s light, inviting, and clean will do just that. Plus, let’s remember that the less clutter that’s there, the easier it’ll be to keep neat and tidy too.

Works of Art

People, in general, don’t make the most of art in their home, and especially so in the bathroom. On the face of it, it’s an unusual place to have a work of art, but that’s part of the charm: it’s unexpected. You’ll want to ensure that you choose a piece well and then place it correctly, since humidity may become an issue. Works of art are an excellent way to tie any room together, including your bathroom!


Why limit yourself to what’s functional, when you could go all in, and make it indulgent? There are a few easy ways to make your bathroom feel more like a spa, including adding a towel heater, underfloor heating, and candles. On this cold winter nights, you’ll have your very own, awesome retreat available to recharge your body. You can also look at upgrading your linens, and keeping them on display. A bathrobe, slippers, and luxury towels will all give your bathroom spa-like qualities.

Vanity Choices

Finally, let’s think about your vanity mirror and sink area. These aren’t just places to wash your face and brush your teeth, oh no. Go big, and consider getting a double sink if you’re living with your partner. It’s much more enjoyable to get yourself ready for work or that big night out when you’re doing so in a quality environment. A vanity unit should have storage for your essentials, a large mirror, and a complimentary lighting system that has you looking and feeling your best.


Your bathroom is much more than just a place to wash your face and comb your hair. It’s a spot where you can indulge in a hint of luxury, a room that can make you feel great when you wake up feeling a little less than stellar. So take the time to get your bathroom just right. It’ll take some time, but the payoff will be worth it — there’s a big difference between walking into a bathroom that you love and one that you don’t, especially when it’s one of those cold winter mornings. Make the bathroom a room you love.

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